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Grand Central Terminal

Despite rats, I hit Grand Central tonight after a nightmare of a day.  Nightmare meaning new business pitch, but since I never discuss “work work,” I’ll spare you the deets.  Tonight was lovely.  I finally escaped to Metrazur, mostly because I never know where to tell people to meet me when they ask, “so what’s near your place?”  How sad that “my place” is my fcuking office.  Then the whispering began.  “Klein, you gotta see this.”  By “see,” Captain Jack meant, “hear.”  He whispered into a corner of Grand Central Station, and while I stood 15 feet from him, I could hear him as if he were whispering all the things he wanted to do to me in my ear.  “Klein, I knew you would love this.”  He was right.  I did love it, and I was surprised no one had ever “taught” me that New York secret before… I’ve only lived here for the past eleven years.  See, there are firsts for everything, including hearing things I wasn’t receptive to… until now.

Grand Central


  1. Actually I bet you always heard them, you just never wanted to be introspective about them…

  2. Hi, this is my blog and I use it to bemoan the end of "Sex and the City" everyday by ripping off a fictional character's faux-fabulous life, complete with the icky-sweet junior high inspired moments of New York-specific psuedo-romance. Self importance is so east coast.

  3. here's what i hope for you-

    live life
    experience new things
    bathe semi-regularly

  4. there's a magical whispering arch like that in Bologna, Italy… and if you whisper at an Einstein sculpture in DC from a certain point, he echoes it back to you.. i LOVE things like that! they just bring childlike exhileration… so fun…

  5. i love the whispering alcove in grand central! i found it with friends last year, and we stood there and whispered (stopping to step away from the corners to shout to each other "this is so cool!") for so long that we attracted attention, and got a whole bunch of other passers by into it, too. fun spot!

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