a small camera that lets me control aperture
a cute denim skirt that’s comfortable
more tradition in my life
less clutter in my kitchen
to make it a practice to share “high” “low” with someone
to stop eating fries with mustard in the middle of the night
flip flops that don’t hurt!  I swear, they all hurt.  I need fabric ones.
a pair of jeans that aren’t ripped so I can stop hearing about how it’s all I wear
black flats
to let the dermatologist check me for skin cancer
bras without padding
to get a replacement driver’s license
to learn how to spell license
long tank tops
new sneakers (funky ones)
good stuff to work out in that doesn’t make me look like a chunk
to play whale’s tales with my friends, drinking outdoors, getting sloppy
to do more things outdoors at night
to have more picnics



I should be going to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island right now.  Should be on a train.  Should because I know I’ll enjoy it; I loved going last year.  But there are other shoulds, to do with writing and the gym, my dog, and “need to buy”s.  So instead, I’m heading toward the seaport, iced skim latte and camera in tow, to buy things at Abercrombie that I’m too old to be wearing.  Then, I will trek back home, grab the laptop and sneakers, hit the gym, then a lawn somewhere to write Chapter 5, “The Oral Sex South Beach Diet.”  Followed by airing out the Lineman, then some reading as they razor my feet and polish my toes a creamy white color which will make my feet look tan.  I need to pick all my dvds up from Jennifer’s apartment.  I lent her a dozen a few months ago, and now, just knowing they’re missing from my collection makes me uneasy.  I need them.  Need.  They’re somehow comfort to me.  Knowing they’re there whenever I need them.  I have issues.


I know this will sound absurd, but tonight I have 4 parties I rsvp’d yes to.  It sounded good at the time, when the evite arrived weeks earlier, when I was working like an animal at work.  Oh, an outdoor party, count me in.  Sure I’ll come to your going away party.  Sounds fun.  Then the day comes.  There is no way (or desire) I will hit all of them.  Bwags Summer Solstice rooftop party, The Italian Job’s housewarming party, a Seattle Send Off Party for an old co-worker of mine at La Cave, and Yasmin’s bon voyage party at 17.  No one will miss me at any of these parties.  Actually, that’s not true.  At Yasmin’s party, I would be missed by Monique, Erin, and Kim.  So surely, I will go there.  Otherwise, I’d receive a text from Kim, “Lover, I need to see you.  Get your ass here now.”  I love my friends.  I need my friends.

View more of the photos from my afternoon at South Street Seaport >>



  1. I love making lists of things to buy. Unfortunately, reality often takes over, and instead of one big spree, they're bought one at a time, only when necessary. Which is not really as much fun.

  2. The Mermaid Parade was great– but the Seaport is good too (if less accepting of oufits consisting entirely of gold lame).

  3. The best "fabric" flip flops that don't hurt are either nylon one's by Reef or hemp one's by Rainbow, both of which can be bought on-line.

  4. Recommendations:

    flip flops that don't hurt! (Agreed–try Reef's nylon or leather ones, they're fantastic)

    bras without padding (Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Without Padding)

    long tanktops (C&C California makes great ones)

  5. Stephanie, you might want to try (unless you already have – and I'm really not sure what look you are going for) Reef sandals. You really can live in those silly things.

    Oh, and if I actually read, I would see others have already said this. But I've already typed it.

  6. Notes from the high seas: the tugboat "Helen McAllister" is named for the grandmother of the husband of my acquaintance Amy nee Ceccarelli McAllister. The McAllister family runs a fleet of tugboats in New York harbor. Amy is some big cheese corporate tool at Digitas.

    Also, S. Klein forgot to include a picture of the Yankee Clipper restaurant among her South Street Seaport pictures. The Yankee Clipper has an OTB outlet that allows one to bet the horses. It's the best reason to go to the South Street Seaport.

  7. Good call on the skin cancer checks. I'm as pale as you, and I had a cancerous mole a year ago. Freaked me out. Non-invasive, thank God. Still, I don't go to the beach much nowadays.

  8. Thank you for posting your pictures, as always, they are spectacular! I like the Yanks pics the best of course, I was wondering when you would post some up. You are truly a professional! Thank you again.

  9. Stephanie,
    What parties did you make it to?
    (out of the 4 listed I mean)

  10. I'd really like to have a ton of parties to go to on a night that I feel like partying. Unfortunately that's never the case. Good for you for going where you were needed.

    I should get my skin checked too.

    And call me redneck backwoods, but for me Old Navy flip flops are god. Although Yellow Box and JCrew do make good ones too. I just like the fact that I can have a zillion pairs.

  11. Honestly I say screw the Reefs! The most comfortable flip flops I have ever owned are my Roxy ones. They are made of very very soft fabric and have never ever cut my feet. They were hard to find but believe me they are amazing!

    J-Crew has a great jean skirt that is comfortable and a little longer but not too long (they are making ones lately that your ass hangs out of).

  12. Nike Shox, cool and funky and comfy wheels for the feet. Only drawback is that one cannot see a fresh pedicure. Some things in life are not meant to be covered up, ya know?

  13. I can't help you with your other needs, but for a small camera with aperture control, you might want to look for a used Contax G1 (now discontinued, and the G2 is godawful expensive, like a Leica M6/7), which uses terrific lenses and is pretty compact and quiet.

  14. I second, third, or whatever the recommendations on Reefs- I bought the plain black "ginger" style and haven't taken them off all summer… and survived 6 hours on hot pavement during Pride in those bad boys.

    For long tank tops, you must got to I bought like 8 skajillion when they came out with the thin, long ones and they were worth every penny (because they fit super… and because I can wear a size smaller than usual, which makes my inner chubby girl SO pleased).

  15. Stephanie: These are great shots.

    Have you found a small camera that allows you to control aperture? If so, what kind? I use a Canon PowerShot SD400, which is great because it's small, but it has very few manual settings.

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