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Once upon a time, when I was a chunk, I made an inspiration list of things I wanted more than food.  My list version of  “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” began with wanting to see my collar bones.  The list also included things that hurt my feelings.  Moose.  “Well someone sure has been eating well.”  Cellulite.  Back fat.  Gym class.  To be able to wear trendy clothes.  It quickly followed with wanting to be able to tuck a shirt into my pants, and wear a belt! My first summer back from fat camp, I remember posing for a photograph outside Jones Beach Stadium with Barry Rosenbloom.  I don’t remember the performance, but I remember the outfit.  I was wearing a hunter green button down shirt (the buttons were covered with the same green fabric), Big John faded jeans, and a brown braided belt from The Gap.  Brown penny loafers with acutal pennies (damn, I’m so bringing them back into the mix this week!)  It was the first time I’d worn a belt in public.  I was beaming in the photo. I still love belts today.



  1. gawd, you can wear belts when you're fat. and you weren't ever even fat, or obese, as the case may be, so go cry into your soup. granted, you may have to wear the mens sizes of belts, but go figure.

  2. Of course you *can* wear belts when you're fat. But there wasn't much point for me to considering I concealed my ass and thighs with oversized tops. Rather, I tried to conceal my ass and thighs. I wasn't fooling anyone in that tent.

  3. I never could wear belts either — or when I did, my jeans would fold over them.

    I wear them all the time now.

  4. Oh my god- those belts totally take me back- I loved the clasps on those belts! Good to know that those are still around, albeit a little more expensive than the ones I had when I was a kid!

  5. Oh god – that early 90's outfit. Ick! Ick! I remember that outfit.

    In college I was in a student org. that initiated us by making us dress like a particular decade to go to class one day. Everyone thought I got off easy but I was MORTIFIED. I had to wear white jean shorts, a tucked in sleeveless denim shirt with a mandarin collar, a braided brown leather belt and penny loafers. They also made me wear my hair with the little hair-sprayed wave bangs. Oh and ugly hoop earrings. It was AWFUL.

  6. super Tali. we saw her stressed out thinking all the time about doing something with fashion in Bologna like 10 years ago. and there she is… god bless america…

    ciao cookie

  7. Just started checking out this site after NYT article and came across your blond-look photo in the "real me" section…hot hot hot. I am going to assume (and encourage) that the clear heels would be a good call with this ensemble. By the way, Chris Rock did a bit in one of his HBO specials on the clear heel look.

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