episode III: revenge of the nerds

It started in my inbox.  A warning from Chris, threatening stomach punches to any nerds who show up in anything approaching a costume.  "Once we have our tickets in hand, you are on your own.  We are not going to find 16 seats next to each other.  Buddy up with someone, and don’t choke on popcorn; you’ll ruin it for everyone.  Afterward, we’ll be meeting for food, drinks, lightsaber duels, stomach punches, and lively nerdy discussion at the Waterfront Ale House."  Okay, buddy up with someone. 

"Chris, sit next to me!"
"Sorry, Darlin’. Can’t do it."
"Whaddyamean?"  My eyebrows pinched together.
"I have a rule, baby.  Girls and Sci-fi don’t mix. You’re going to be all talking in my ear during the movie, asking what’s going on, and what a Wookiee is."
"Ew, blow me."  I knew exactly what a Wookiee was, thanks to the nerds I grew up with who called ugly girls Wookiees. 

Nerd time ended in the Ale House, after one nerd answered the question, "Why don’t Wookiees age?"
"Oh, their life span is 500 years."  Just like that, nerding out on a Thursday night.  Then my girls showed up and rescued me from the eville Darth Chris.  Luna Park (where I met a Caribbean dude who said, "You’ve never tasted the Caribbean," and he wasn’t talking about food.  Ew.), Underbar, PS 450, followed by my bed and my nerdy dog.

view photos from my night >>



  1. This one wise guy "reporter" I heard on the radio said after checking out the males in line for the opening of this latest Star Wars movie he said some of them were wasting money they should be putting to better use…like paying to get laid! haha do you get his drift? I dont know if saying such a thing is mean (or even accurate) but it gave me a chuckle.

  2. Cute pics! Would love to know who the guy in the orange and the guy on the cell phone are! HOT HOT HOT!! They need a 6'1 woman like me! :)

  3. Now dig, on the streets of Chi-town yesterday the only nerd I saw dressed in full Jedi regala was a young lady, and a cute one at that. Now that Episode III is out, we can get on with our lives. My only hope being that when the "super-dooper" Star Wars DVD box set comes out, it has all kinds of extras. Then I'll redefine nerding-out.

  4. Hi Steph,

    Check out the press our little DC darling Kelly Ann Collins received from the Washington Post Express today. You two should have tea together. :)

  5. A juicy Kelly Ann Collins expose on John Bolton and his tawdry Plato's Retreat ways is the buzz here in DC. Any good dish up your way, Steph?

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