the eels

It’s 12:35 am, and I’m watching and absorbing The Eels on the chin guy’s show.  They’re singing about trains and tracks and finding their way back.  I’m crying.  Jay Leno… that’s the dude with the chin.  I can’t help the crying; it’s part of who I am… but so are The Eels.



  1. please don't cry. nights ending with crying breathe capitulation, dissatisfaction and nonfulfillment.

  2. i love "love of the loveless". when i'm running, it makes me slow down and do a little "running dance" with my shoulders…

  3. A little late but still: Fresh feeling is great indeed. And if you'll listen to 'Rags to rags' you'll probably cry as well (at least I do). But why do you all keep saying 'THE' Eels? It's just 'Eels'. Just saying to make sure you're all going to buy the right band's records :)

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