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Angelamy Things happen in threes.  Larry’s computer died last night.  My iPod died today.  I left work sulking, rubbing my eyes, too tired to do computer anymore. I would change into black and attend the restaurant opening of Partage. But then the text messages started to find me via mobile phone.  "When are you posting the pics from this weekend?"  I uploaded them from my new Mac… which then took a turn for the grave.  What the hell?  Two Mac products bit it in less than 24 hours. 

I phoned Chris ready to cry.  "Baby, it’s time for you to go analog.  I know you’re Miss Digital Thang and all, and you do tech stuff for a living, but you’re so a pen a paper girl."

I am so not.  "I need to post photos."  Thank goodness for the backup Dell.  Still, I felt a tinge of dispair and ate a package of Tostido’s Nacho Cheese off my fingers.  Then I drank white Italian wine.  Then I made an old fashioned grill cheese sandwich with mozzeralla cheese and truffle oil.  I crawled into my sweats, into my down, into the collar of my dog, and I felt better.  It was so English is Italian.

English is Italian.  No it’s not.  Yes it is.  It was so Who’s On First.  English is Italian was our destination for the birthday dinner of my angelic Amy (and the last thing I did before the Mac bit it)   See for yourself >>


  1. I've come to the conclusion that that guy you're looking affectionately up at while he grins and looks towards you is The Italian Job.

    What a cutie!

  2. I hope you were not emotionally attached to your iPod or computer as some are attached to cars or apparel. What do you think is the cause of their demise?

    Are you in the market for another media player? If so, what features or specifications are you seeking?

  3. I feel your pain. I have to stifle the tears when my iPod drastically loses its juice and I'm forced to ride the subway without it.

    Oh, and way to make me crave birthday cake at 10am.

  4. I think I've got bad memory. I know all "memory" posts to the contrary, but I believe the culprit is a case of "bad memory." I'll be navigating the "help line" at the apple store for most of my day.

    And no, The Italian Job is no longer in the picture… pun intended.

  5. I love Macs. You get 10 points for using one and not succumbing to IBM mania.

    And you have a great blog.

  6. If Steve Jobs is reading this (and you never know, he might be…) get Steph some fresh Mac goodies immediately. It's all good publicity.

  7. I admire your loyalty to the apple brand. Were I to have an iPod that failed, I am certain I would also be navigating the help line for a while before I gave up on it.

  8. Ugh, navigating the genius bar at the Apple Store.

    I am all about the Mac, too. iPod on life-support is a tragic scenario, indeed. I've been through it, it will be okay. They're good about replacing them.

    Might want to get one of those AltecLansing inMotion iPod portable iPod players with the speakers. As good as the Bose, but PORTABLE!

    I keep mine in the kitchen and it fills the whole place with Maroon 5. My best friend is a plastic surgeon and keeps one in the operating theater and one at home.

    Comes with travel case. It's small… just one calorie! You can take it to Smell-A and bust a move in your hotel room.

    While in LA, after you digest Animal Style In n' Out, try the Little Door. Hard to access (a fave of the H'wood set and foodies), but the food is French delightful.

  9. Hi Stephanie,

    I don't have an Ipod, but I got this from a friend of mine when I was searching for one. Of course until I'm employed again, it's dropped down on my list of priorities. Maybe this will help:

    "Well, I do have one bit of advice I have learned about MP3 Players. I
    have a friend that uses his IPod every day for work. In the last 2 years, he has
    had to repair it 3 times so far. If you use your player a lot, the hard drive
    models with moving parts are very prone to break down. The technician
    confirmed that, and said the 20 and 40 gig IPods are being repaired almost all the
    time. However, the players that use flash drives with no moving parts work
    extremely well. The IPod minis use a flash drive, as well as many of the smaller 256
    meg players and such.
    Just something I learned in my research……."

  10. Wow, someone's trying to get themselves some free Mac products, hmm? You're quite a piece of work.

  11. Just "ready to cry"? I'd have been bouncing off the walls! You took that well. Lesson for us all here – two computers minimum is not one too many.

    Really enjoy your writing

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