1. Looks like your at Asia. I recognize the menu, curtains and plates from the mid-90s.

  2. If only those lesbians from Sarah Lawrence College had access to your blog . . . they would be chomping at the bit (pun intended).

  3. hey! it's a pack of completely self-absorbed japs! gentelmen, run for your lives!

  4. Yeah for you and your girls out laughing, eating, drinking and making memories! I am off to do the same with mine in a few short hours and can not wait:)

  5. Now that was funny:

    "hey! it's a pack of completely self-absorbed japs! gentelmen, run for your lives!"

    My question is who takes all the pictures of Stephanie? Does she have a trained monkey follow her around when she tries to look her best? How many hundreds of pictures do not make the cut? Anyone ever notice that she always looks great while her "friends" sometimes don't. It is her website, however. I just don't get this blog about yourself thang. I'm intrigued by it – not by the blogger really. Just a good site and case study in my town so easy to understand the environment. I realize that self-publishing is not new, but this is absurd – it's self-published non-fiction. Who cares? Do you have framed pictures in your house w here you are in the middle of them too? Or worse, just you in them? Run, and run fast, like the wind, as if there were bulls behind you. What a great case study is all I keep thinking. There – I've done it – I've self-published non-fiction – and I have irratated you haven't I?

  6. One case where I can see a waiter tipping the diners, instead of the other way around!

  7. Binoche?
    Did you know Diane Arbus did a 'series of a camp for overweight girls'? Showing in Portland this month.

  8. Only in NY, baby, only in New York. There should be a big bold link to the definition of meglomania on this site.

  9. Stephanie if I hung out with the "girls" you do I'd start…an escort service! ;-)

    Nice pics of the latest episode of "How Stephanie's Martini Glass Turns" hey have a nice weekend, I'll catch up on your blog toward the end of next week.

  10. Stephanie, all I can say is; Cahterine Wheel, Shocking.(From the album Happy Days.)

  11. Stephanie, Who is the beauty in picture number 7628? I'm in love. Is she single?

  12. Wow, great padded bra. Nothing like magically turning a b-cup into a c-cup. Just get implants so the men won't be so pissed about the false advertising when your shirt comes off.

  13. She's playing a joke on her blog readers. Look at that neck angle. She was busy taking pictures so she photoshopped her head on someone else's body.


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