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"Friend" are many of my lovies…

Friend: what did you two do?
RedDiva2ooo: he took me to a great restaurant, then we walked around, ended up at Pastis, held hands walking there.  It was very innocent, but very intimate
Friend: sounds perf
RedDiva2ooo: he said, “Stephanie you once told me if I was going to hold your hand, I have to HOLD it.  I never forgot that.”
Friend: love him!!!
Friend: love that he loves you
RedDiva2ooo: I hate how I turn into some caged animal at the zoo when I like someone. God, dating is so much easier when I don’t like anyone.  I’m terrified of being hurt again.
Friend: if I start spending more time with Graham I’m going to need some coaching.
RedDiva2ooo: you need a therapist, you really should consider it.  I know it’s all happy excitement now, but you need someone there to make sure you don’t sabotage things… subliminally or let things happen too fast, etc. 
Friend: I know.
RedDiva2ooo: Didn’t mean to sound harsh; I think I’m projecting.  I refuse to do the crash and burn again.  I need  more flame-retardant items in my life.  Know where I can get some?
Friend: The hardware store has everything

RedDiva2ooo: I have issues
Friend: What now?
RedDiva2ooo: I’m in “like”
Friend: You should invite him to the party
RedDiva2ooo: <– has issues
RedDiva2ooo: I swear, when I like someone, I’m like a bug stuck in a jar.
Friend: Do you still talk to Paul?
RedDiva2ooo: ugh.  Where did that come from?
Friend: I was just thinking about your men, and I thought of him and wondered if he was still in the pic.
RedDiva2ooo: He’s ew.  I hear his voice in my head sometimes.  I hate his voice, his walk, everything.
Friend: hilar!!!
RedDiva2ooo: so no.  I don’t like him.  Not in pic.
Friend: did you ever have s with him?
RedDiva2ooo: no, thank god.  We only fooled around once.
Friend: huh?
RedDiva2ooo: and he j’d off into my face
Friend: ewww
RedDiva2ooo: yuh
Friend: how did that happen?

Friend: Question.
RedDiva2ooo: Answer.
Friend: what’s up with argyle?  Still in?  Going out?  Always here to stay?
RedDiva2ooo: I love it, always have, especially in the fall.  I think that school boy stuff can be worn with torn jeans and made funky.
Friend: There’s a sweater I want to buy, but I have no torso.  J. Crew is improving, less pilling, something about where they’re getting their materials.
Friend: I’m not myself.  It’s hormones, so I just deal.
RedDiva2ooo: Yeah, I totally hear ya
Friend: it will get worse before it gets better, then I’ll be back to moi
RedDiva2ooo: at least you have an excuse, you know pregnant and all.  I cry at previews.

Friend: where you at, dog?
RedDiva2ooo: wut up?
Friend: excited for tonight?
RedDiva2ooo: *yes*
RedDiva2ooo: this weather kills me though, ‘cause how can I wear cute shoes?
Friend: wear black high heel boots—if I can do it, you can.
RedDiva2ooo: I need a new pair.  Mine aren’t high enough.
Friend: stuart wietzman, baby. The BESTEST.
RedDiva2ooo: high?
Friend: yeah, like 3 inches.  They make all heights.  What size shoe are you?
RedDiva2ooo: 8.5.  I will go buy a pair.  I need (read: want) them.
Friend: go to Bloomies or Saks; they have them at both.
RedDiva2ooo: I have a pair I think I can wear with my leather skirt and cashmere turtleneck
Friend: your leather skirt is perf
RedDiva2ooo: he is so yum.  I need to be touchable.  It’s all about the shmere.
Friend: yay, fun.  Yum is the best.
RedDiva2ooo: we’re doing sushi.  Do you think I can just suggest we eat at the bar?
Friend: it is not very classy, in my opinion, to eat at the bar on a formal kind of date.
RedDiva2ooo: Linen scares me.  It makes things more real.

RedDiva2ooo: You know that song, “steal my sunshine?”
Friend: yeah
RedDiva2ooo: That’s how I feel right now.
Friend: why?
RedDiva2ooo: “I know it’s up for me, If you steal my sunshine, Making sure I’m not in too deep, If you steal my sunshine, Keeping versed and on my feet”
RedDiva2ooo: I heard it in a cab today.  It’s basically my life. 

RedDiva2ooo: yeah, I hear ya. 

Friend: Crooked hat boy called me last night, left a sweet message.  I actually want to talk with him, catch up.  I will NEVER touch him again, don’t worry.
RedDiva2ooo: (insert Stephanie making finger down throat move here)
Friend: I can see it!
RedDiva2ooo: my jap and a half friend is in town.  She might join us tonight.  What are you wearing?
Friend: jeans, a hot funky belt, a white wife-beater tank, maybe my green cropped jacket.  I’m going with a "funky jeans look."  You?
RedDiva2ooo: game time decision.  Can I just say, I love this.  I love being girls.
Friend: me too, cookie.  We’re good at it.

RedDiva2ooo: She’s a freak.
Friend: He should peace her out, as in, “peace out”
RedDiva2ooo: She’s two-faced and emails me from different accounts pretending to be different people.  Why are some people so cowardly?  I don’t get it.
Friend: funny how cowards can have nerve
RedDiva2ooo: I used to think two-faced meant fat.  A girl called me that when I was growing up, and I thought she meant two-faced, as in, "double chin."  I remember wanting to pull out her hair at that moment.  This poor girl gives new meaning to the word.  She’s beyond two-faced.  Her personality is obese.  She’s such a railroad. 

Friend: After any long relationship, anyone is going to be a pain in the butt
RedDiva2ooo: Yeah, I agree, but you compromise in anything.  With some people, because you are alike, it takes less compromise.  If two people want something, they both bend; I just think some relationships are easier than others. 
Friend: when u get married again will u have a real wedding?
RedDiva2ooo: who knows.  I’ll see how I feel then.  I have no clue.
Friend: come on, don’t u want it?
RedDiva2ooo: not really
Friend: I do
RedDiva2ooo: The only thing I might want is a wine food tasting thing on a vineyard, something casual where we all get drunk.  Not some sat. night affair with dresses and a band.  Yick.
Friend: sounds loverly.  In the hamptons, perhaps…
RedDiva2ooo: it never felt appealing to me
Friend: fine, then don’t come to mine, biotch

Friend: have you had seex with D, I forget
RedDiva2ooo: no, remember
Friend: will you tonight?
RedDiva2ooo: he j’d remember?
Friend: right!!!
RedDiva2ooo: and said he couldn’t look at me or he’d C
Friend: rye-dic
RedDiva2ooo: I love us.
Friend: me too.



  1. That's insightful. I further understand the logic behind my mother's advise to try to understand women, but don't try to figure them out. You girls deal with a lot. And gives thought to the validity of the theory of organization in chaos. These are the best kind of women. They think outwardly. Stream of consiousness for a guy is remember all the Superbowl winners. The last introspective thought I had involved the heartburn caused by the meatball sub lunch.

  2. Love it! I love how your convo's with your friends are identical to coversations regularly had between my chicadees and myself. Although it is has its trying moments *sigh*, being a girly is where its at!

  3. I am a "passerby" and read from time to time. And I adore your writings. The IM conversations was like reading a script for "Sex in the City."
    I live in the midwest so the verbal lexicon from one region to another is definitly different.
    (no offense)…But you fit the stereo type of what I think a NY girl is.

  4. awesome!!! great stuff. love it!!! who needs tv with this as entertainment. just another example of why i love women. keep it comming.

  5. It's intersting… I get women, but I'll never figure them out…and you know what? That's the part that makes them so much fun.

  6. THAT was AWESOME! And I know who some of those "friends" are. So good. I am inspired to post some of my better IM's with a few name changes. I'll be working on it now. I'm a copy cat. I make me naush.

  7. Ooh, my first time posting – I've been reading periodically for a few months or so. GT is a really cool blog, Stephanie! I'm always fascinated by people's IM's. Love that comfortable dialog and all.

    I was finally driven to post though because Mike spoke (typed..) the thought that has made the most impact on me throughout the entire day with "Stream of consiousness for a guy is remember all the Superbowl winners.". Delish!

  8. OMG, this IS all the saved texts on my cell! The agonizing over guys, bitching about "friend lites", deciding what to wear, and weather appropriate shoes, LOVE IT! I'm having a crappy life right now and this was a laugh I SO needed!!

    Thanks Stephanie!!

  9. I HATE with a CAPITAL 'H' coming back from a boring weekend to my crappy desk pigeon job, only to find out that you HAVEN'T POSTED ANYTHING NEW SINCE FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you have any shred of compassion for female lowly secretaries everywhere who take boring minutes and get coffee for there 50 something bosses .(picture it balding paunchy bossy), you'll post something. make my job behind this computer worthwhile…ppllllllleaseeeeee..

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