At Tao tonight, I ate an abundance of chilean sea bass… and then some.  Then a bottle of white unoaked wine found its way before me, via a kind waiter, who asked, "are you Stephanie Klein? This is a congratulations to you."  A blog "fan" sent the bottle over in the sweetest gesture.  I circled the bar looking for him.  I finally came upon him to thank him with a seat at our table and a glass of his gift.  He was smitten and admitted, "quite jealous of Stuart." 


Here’s the thing with fans.  It’s flattering when he’s hot; it’s frightening when he’s obsessed and obviously lonesome.  Tao suitor was the former.  Still, as much as I wanted to stay, I was with friends, and we were onto the next place… FIZZ, a super-private night spot where you can be certain to spot anything from starved models who leave the olives in their empty martini glasses to pleated skirt, pearl laden, turtleneck women who look like the meek woman from Feds.  They were off to Cain… I was off to bed with the dog, and that ain’t bad. 


My neighbor was having a party.  I had to say hello.  Of course when a neighbor says hello, the one throwing the party gets nervous.  There’s talk of lowering things. They were watching porn and listening to Depeche Mode, not a bad night.  I insisted I was just saying hi, welcoming him to the hood.  His friends didn’t help his case, "Man, you’re the hot neighbor with the dog."  How cool is that?  I love being hot neighbor.  That’s a porn in and of itself. 

Despite popular belief, I love my life.


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  1. We know you love your life. Sometimes we {me} feel the need to give you shit sometimes. I dunno. Call it a reality check of sorts. Hope you don't mind the occasional ribbing. Beats the hell outta spoiled crabs anyway.

  2. A random hot admirer, great wine, AND being dubbed the hot neighbour – I can't think of how it gets much better than that.

  3. Oh I love the picture of you, very radiant and happy (I know I use that word waaay too often, but it's true)

    On a completely random note, would you mind terribly if I do a painting based on the first of the fish pictures? I feel that I should ask for permission.

  4. On another random note, I suggest for you to use the picture of you from this post as your user picture, you know, for a change. It really is lovely

  5. I was thinking the same thing about that photo Frances. Stephanie, it captures the many facets of "YOU" very well.

  6. Whew- Finally a guy in your life who knows how to dress (ie: not wearing a T-shirt under his button downs) unlike the ex-husband.

  7. I disagree with Ciao_Roma. I just read an interview in GQ last month with George Hanes, C.E.O. of Fruit of the Loom (yes, I know how weird it is that the Fruit of the Loom president is named Hanes) about T-shirts under button downs, and if you don't mind, I'd like to share the last bit of it:

    "GQ – What do you say to the nay-sayers?

    GH – The what?

    GQ – Those who frown on undershirts. The nay-sayers.

    GH – Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not familiar with the term. Are you talking about horses?

    GQ – No no, the nay-sayers. The skeptics.

    GH – Listen, I'm not much of a sports fan, but I'll always support my Skeptics. I grew up in Boston."

    And of course at that point, I was ROTFLMUSRESWAA. (A friend of mine who frequents the "chatter rooms" told me that this means "laughing." I'm not sure what makes it an abbreviation since it has more letters than the actual word, but I'm trying to be hip.)

  8. I heard that Chilean Sea Bass is really monkfish. It was given the fancy monkier because its true name was too unappetizing. *shrug!*

  9. Is it true that the Chilean Sea Bass is neither a bass or from Chile? If so, how do they determine which of these type of fish are deemed to be Chilean? Do they put a mass quantity of them in a large tank, make them play soccer and declare the winners to be from Argentina while the loosers are deemed Chilean. And isn't Chile under communist rule? Talk about an oppressed fish. However, you pan fry it with enough butter and cappers and I don't care if it likes Karl Marx or Richard Marx, I'm eating the fucker. I hope it went well with the unoaked white.

  10. Hey Stephanie, I'll be in NYC to celebrate my bday this year with some girlfriends.. your photos in restaurants w/ your friends always look like so much fun — I know it would be hard to narrow it down, but could you recommend a few good, trendy restaurants w/ a fun ambience? We just want to have a great time, location doesn't matter. Much appreciated :)

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