magic tricks

I didn’t meet a very cute guy last night.  Didn’t in the way of names or handshakes, but did in the way of my card.  He was on his cell phone outside my lucky restaurant*.  I was near the door with my friends, bundling, wrapping, and shoving fists into warm coat pockets.  “Hold on ladies.  I’ll be right back.”  I dug into my handbag and pulled out something white.  It wasn’t a rabbit.  I clipped a card with two fingers, and then, I went for it.  “Sorry to interrupt you,” I said and then smiled offering him my card, “but I couldn’t resist.”  He was still on his phone, but he stopped talking, looked at my card and then back up at me.  I turned back toward the girls, who were rubbernecking at the entire scene.  “Stop staring,” I whispered through a smile.

“It was nice meeting you,” he yelled back.  Okay, he yelled something back, but I can’t remember anymore.  Hopefully he’ll find my email address and remind me.  Yum.

* Lucky restaurant?  I’ve heard of lucky bra or maybe some jewelry or a penny, but a restaurant?  Come on.  Well, it has been lucky for me.  I met In a cab headed north boy there.  What am I talking about?  I still don’t know why I associate that story with luck.  I guess I did “get lucky,” but you know, and I know, that’s not ever what I mean.  That night will always be magical to me.  I guess I just miss magic (read: magic, not trix).



  1. Oh, and as for ice-skating, I think I do it wrong. I mean, I can stand, and I can skate, but it always really hurts the arches of my feet. I only really do it so I can enjoy the hot chocolate all the more afterwards… it's like a massage after you work out. It's the whole labor pains make you love it more theory. Still, maybe I'll just show up and lie there in heels.

  2. No, I didn't give him my business card. It was my "calling card." Okay, so I don't have a "calling card," but I do carry a card with my web address on it… usually for when I'm photographing events. In this case, I was just creating one.

  3. Funny story. In my "bar days" I was out with some girls from work. One of the girls I worked with flirted with a very handsome, older gentleman. He stood with us and chatted for a while and before he moved on she passed him her business card. The next day, he used HER card and called ME! LOL! Surprisingly (not), he turned out to be a jerk!

  4. In terms of magic, maybe he won't e-mail…maybe he's waiting for you to lay down on the ice in central park so he can toss a glove at you.

    (Trying to win a contest for obscure and bad romantic comedy references)

  5. Hey, if you didn't go for it then you would have probably been annoyed with yourself later. Better to take a chance then let float by.

  6. This is going to sound like criticism, but I don't mean it as such: Aren't you concerned that he will look at your website, find his way to your blog, read this entry, read the link to the cab story, and then some other assorted stories and then think that you are the easy sort? If it was me, I would then be concerned that if he did call it would only be to get to know the person involved in situations like the cab story. While people who read your blog know that you are more than just that person, you have sort of easily taken yourself out of context for him.

  7. H– I hear what you mean, but at the end of the day, the guy will have to just understand the things I write about don't necessarily happen when I write about them. I'm quite respectful about NOT posting about my relationships when they are actually happening. If some guy can't see the whole thing and is instead threatened and intimidated by the blog, he's probably not the right guy for me. Otherwise, maybe I'll meet a guy who has no time for the internet… or at least, no interest in it.

  8. stephanie, do you mean that you are having relationships and NOT TELLING US ABOUT THEM???

  9. H,

    Come now…don't be so naive. Stephanie's blog is a small facet what really makes her 'her'. Her stories indicate indirectly and directly what makes her tick. They all have a slice of truth that speaks volumes of what her soul truly is. As a reader, we only need to listen at what isn't in words.

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