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  1. Oh, and for the record, I'm going today to buy one of those "air in a can" things to get the lint out of my digital camera body. It HAS to work… even though I thought blowing in it myself would work. I guess we're not all as powerful as we think; that's why they make capes.

    And, I have a double chin in nearly every photo. Fuckin' A.

  2. Stephanie… that girl in the turquoise sweater… cute girl, but those are the most god-awful pants I have ever seen.


    And you don't have a double chin. Stop being so hard on yourself. Geez.

  3. I mean this only with love, but fishing for compliments is never attractive, Steph.

  4. why are you so attention starved? why do you say your fat, then proceed to post pictures of yourself? can you be more blatant about trying to get people to say, "o stephanie, you're not fat!" I mean puh-leeze. you're not too bad looking (u should join a gym ), but this 'here i am for the world to see lifestyle'is a MAJOR turnoff to any guy worth anything. i mean, who wants to be associated with that? its just so wrong i can't even begin. your self effacing ,self promoting existence makes me, and every guy in my office here on wall st gag. nothing wrong with having a site , but c'mon already.

  5. "Pardon me, madame, I seem to have misplaced my face."

    Great pics. (Was Dan Rather there, BTW??)

  6. I'm a girl. We tend to be critical and tough on our firgures. I've been thinner. I've looked better, but I'm still willing to courageously post photos of myself with a double chin. I'm not looking for praise. That's WHY I disabled comments on my 31 post. I don't need reassurance… especially from hermit uglies hiding behind mean comments. I write it for me, and for all the women who relate to that feeling… hell, all the men too.

    And, believe me, the blog is definitely not a strategy for "getting some man." I don't ever plan on attracting a guy through a web site. So, Pahhhhleeze yourself. This site is about me: how I live, what I love, it's my filter.

    Writing takes courage 101. Reading criticism anchored in worth takes courage 102. Asshole comments take a delete button. So go scratch and sniff somewhere else.

  7. You don't look fat, I love the site and it is nice to know that other women feel the same way sometimes, helps you cope with things better.

  8. That kind of thing happens in Chicago all the time…usually it's only if the girl spills french fries in her lap.

  9. As someone who has been known to have a double chin from time to time, I can completely empathise with Steph…that cranky note by Marc was really uncalled for.

  10. page 124, Anarchist's Guide for Lonely Men:

    "If girl to whom you are secretly attracted does not respond to kind notes, try insulting her. True, this may cause her to a. realize what a doofus you are and b. call you out as an asshole, but that's further than you've ever been before. Hang on to that thread, my friend. Alternately, belittle her need for attention by calling attention to yourself with a desperate cry for attention. She'll either love the irony, or: see b. above."

  11. some of you are truly disturbed, i don't know why anyone feels compelled to leave negative comments…i haven't read this blog since the fall and i decided to catch-up on what i missed, and since the summer i've noticed a nastier tone

    that being said…shake off the haters

    we all have an inner fat girl and thats okay but she doesn't have to rule our lives

    i bought a pair of 30 jeans and im not aboving saying that it left me extremely uncomfortable

  12. Feeling insecure and fat is not so much about the size of your jeans when it comes down to it; I bet you've felt that way at your thinnest. In fact, when I saw that picture of you in those jeans I thought: damn! Cute! You looked hot, the jeans were cute, you didn’t look fat. But it's about insecurity, right? It’s about not feeling like enough, feeling like you're not good enough, not worthy enough. That inner fat girl lives on, long after she’s dead and gone. Oh, man, I get that all too well. And it *does* take guts to write with such honesty and to post pictures of your lovely self as well. It's all part of who you are and it's complicated, yes. But so is life, so are women. Carry on.

  13. Stephanie you sure get into some neat looking shin-digs. Your pics are great but I have a suggestion to add to the body of work. Next party you're at how about a shot of you "doing the Lynnzie" ;-)

  14. er I mean "doing a Lynnzie".

    But maybe it's not funny but maybe it is. I can see Stephanie giving the unworthy men about town the "repect" they deserve and sharing the photo evidence with us her adoring readership!


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