I’m too tired and hungover to post anything more creative than the pix from last night’s gig at "Marcel’s House." 

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  1. I just hate seeing that SK has become one of those bitter women with package looking for love in the city and thinking that people really care about her pathotic social life or events

  2. Lally, don't like it? Don't care? You know where the door is. What's stopping you?

    SK, you look mahvelous.

  3. lally, in addition to Plantation's remarks above… and don't let the door hit you on the way out, dude.

    Stephanie dahling… you are, as always… beautiful in sight and soul. Glad you had a great time. Was that Linus I saw?

  4. As they say, a picture says a thousand words. It looks like you had a good time…which is all that matters.

  5. Looking a bit tipsy, aren't we? Funny :o) brings out some kind of naughtiness in you.

  6. What exactly is "one of those bitter women with package?"

    A pissed off tranny? A distraught homeless woman with a cartful of shit?

    I can't figure it out.

    Lally's post is just bizarro-funny. Isn't it great how some edjits try to be pissy on blogs, but somehow end up sounding idiotically funny?

  7. They are very nice pictures, as always.. I am looking to get my mother a camera, may I ask what kind you use Stephanie? The quality of your pictures are absolutely amazing.

  8. A nikon D100 (digital SLR… single lens reflex… which basically means one of those fancy cameras where the lenses come off)… and thanks. Tonight, I am photographing food with a macro lens! YUM!

  9. Love the cover photo for this post, Stephanie.

    Looks like you're in one of those trances when you step out of the "moment," look around you, take it all in, and smile at the whimsy of whatever is going on. I find it works best at a party, and enhanced with a few vodka tonics.

    Then someone calls your name two or three times and snaps you back… "I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

    Yet you NEVER seem to loose your keen eye for composition in your shots. Brava!

  10. maybe it's just me, but in every set of photos there always seems to be a few gratituous cleavage shots. not that i'm complaining, but more wondering if this is something you do purposely? either way, good shots.

    before i go, just wanted to let you know that i am not the author of that first post–i am much more eloquent.

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