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Rachel met me to celebrate the 9th anniversary of her 20th year of life.  Finally, someone else tiptoeing her way to 30.  Over dinner, delicious stories spilled with the red wine across the linen tablecloth.  Stories of Rachel’s coming out party.  Is she gay?  No, not that kind of coming out party, dahling.  However, many of her close friends at the table happen to be gay… now.  Kim decides to make out with one of them… okay, not make-out; that was the wine talking.  She pecks Jaime on the lips quickly, after she commands, "let’s have kissies."  Rachel’s gracious host of a mum bears witness.  Then Jaime goes gay on us in the most delectable way:

"Oh Marmi, you witnessed our kissies at the table.  Ugh, I know, it’s appalling.  If I were wearing pearls I would clutch them.  Hurry pebbles, give me yours."  Jaime extends an outstretched arm implying Jennifer (who will forever now be known as pebbles) should unclasp her pearls of wisdom.  Oh she’s doing that all the time anyway; Jennifer gives me wonderful advice.  I’m so thankful to have such friends as my select few.  Happy birthday Rachey-Rach.

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  1. You always get that great shot of the birthday girl (it's always been girls so far…I'm sure you'll get a birthday guy someday) blowing out the candles. I tried to catch that shot at a recent birthday party and the damn camera froze up on me right at that moment. Stupid digital.

  2. Happy Birthday Rachelle!

    Stephanie your pal Rachelle she is something but if it's not too late dont let her turn lesbo. Just the thought of that would break me heart!!!!!!

  3. Hey genius, the 9th anniverary of her 20th year of life would make her 180.

    NY floozy.

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