like a prom dress

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I’m off soon, heading to Lincoln Center’s Young Patrons Society Autumn Cocktail Party to photograph New Yorkers. I’m not going to lie to you; I’m not in the mood. I’m having “a day.” A fat, hungover, my hair is a mess and everyone keeps cancelling plans on me day. But the good thing is, no matter how crappy I ever feel, once my eye is behind the lens, I’m miraculously transformed into a fourth grader with a new fascination. It’s as though I’m studying the solar system for the first time. Maybe I’ll meet someone with who can run nice saturn rings around me. Worst case scenario, I bug a lot of peeps for costume ideas. Best case scenario, I make a new friend.


  1. looking at those pictures brings two thoughts to my mind:
    1-being a young patron does not preclude one from having bad taste.
    2-nothing is more sexy than fishnet stockings!

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