Bluefood Hot damn. A close friend of mine just started a catering company that’s pretty rock-star. Ahem, you know I’m a foodie, beyond. Come join me in Brooklyn for a free wine tasting at Smith & Vine, 246 Smith St. on November 12 from 6-9 pm… all I can say is I’ll be eating with my hands and licking…

Herb risotto with black truffle sauce, spicy shrimp with leeks and truffles, and cod with grilled peaches! Oh dear god, I need a room.

Come with me…




  1. There's no better way to eat than with your hands. Growing up, when I learned to use chopsticks, my mother told me the grain of the wood makes the food taste better. Like why are good salad bowls wooden? Anyway, I still prefer my hands.

  2. Me amo comida deliciosa, tambien. Hasta alla a comidaazul? Comimos con nuestros manos, no?

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