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Trouble His album is finally in stores. I dig it; now it’s your turn. Ray Lamontagne does music with decisions and soul. It takes me back to a bunk porch with a bug candle, writing on stationery about my summer. Ray Lamontagne will definitely make up a track on my life’s soundtrack. I talk about him all the time. Go ahead, get into trouble.


  1. your blog is turning very daily-candy esque with these advertising blurbs posing as entries. i mean i know we all gotta make a dollar and im sure his cd is great. but come on. dont get lame.

  2. Personally, I listed to the link and wasn't that thrilled with it. But hey, if he creams your twinkie, it's your blog and I don't see any reason you can't gush all you want about the guy. If someone doesn't like it, is it that hard to just umm…skip the entry?

  3. Thank you for talking about Ray LaMontagne. His album and lyrics wonderful! He is an artist that any good music lover needs to hear. You've got GREAT taste. Thank you again for this amazing reccomendation. I look forward to listening for years to come.

  4. Thanks, Stephanie, for this recommendation. Ray's music is just the kind of voice that I like. It's that raw, yearning, soulful sound.
    This cd is going on my "to buy" list.

    It always amazes me when someone criticizes another person's personal blog entry. I always think of a blog like a magazine. Some of the articles, you'll like; some, you won't. It's the variety that makes the publication good. Anyway, thanks for introducing me to Ray's music.

  5. 1) What does it mean to "do music with decisions"? I can understand the notion of decisive music, and certainly soulful music, but doing music with decisions?

    2) What is a bunk porch? Is that similar to a back porch? Or perhaps related to bunk beds?

  6. He knows when to make turns; and he doesn't hesitate. His music is decisive while heading in different directions; it leans into curves, and makes even the wild ones comfortable with straight roads.

    In sleepaway camp, there are cabins (aka bunks). At night, I'd make mixed tapes, write on scented stationery, and look at the stars in West Stockbridge, MA. That bunk porch witnessed a lot of classic rock and puberty.

  7. Hay i gotta say i just found out about ray about a week ago.After i herd a song of his on his website, i had to get the whole album. He is so good, i love how all his music just kinda fits together.I would recomend him to any body with real music taste……

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