a names

Really short women are always top heavy. I’m not saying they’re apples, but they’ve always got enormous melons. And they’re always named Diana, Brenda, Daniella, Lisa, or some other short name ending in an A. And these A named women have B personalities. It’s just true; it’s not my rule, so don’t get all pissy with me about it. Take it up with the man. I’m on holiday.



  1. geez, did you take your cranky pills today or what????
    The last two entries have been so negativ-o!
    grrr…get it out girlfriend!

  2. My 4'8" female "friend" is /very/ top heavy but she has a very /long/ name: Victoria. She does however, have a BB personality. Bloody Bitchy that is.

  3. Mmmm…well, my name is Lisa, and I am quite short, but unfortunately my melons don't live up to your expectations.

  4. Call me crazy, but I'm just curious about what they say about average height women with long names ending in IE?

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