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In just one step I smell leather then plums, then onto baked goods. Amazingly, I have photographed more than just food on this trip to Venice. My photos have been post cards. I am in love with Venice, love like butterflies in your stomach, your favorite colors are brighter, and your cheeks need a massage from all the smiling. I am in Venice, and I am in love… it is better, even, than butter.
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  1. If you are still in Venice and don't have all of your dinner's planned, you absolutely must go to Antico Dolo. It is a fantastic little Osteria that is very local. I can get the address for you tonight. It is over the Rialto (from St. Marks), down a few blocks and to the left. Very unassuming, but absolutely delicious and charming to boot.

  2. I suppose it's easy to end up head over heels about a place when at toilet time one must squat over a hole in the floor. Although something tells me you probably stayed at a Palazzo with plenty of ceramic in the bagno. Go au naturale next time. Slum it. Squat. Create a spray mist. Contribute to the Venetian aroma.

    Oh and I'm afraid the next person telling you where to eat or stay will have to be killed. ;)

  3. The blinds… the blinds… what about the Venetian blinds?!?

    Anxiously awaiting the posting on "the slats… Oh! Those horizontal slats…"

    Sounds like your trip is "come il cacio sui maccheroni."*

    *Literally, "like cheese on macaroni," but colloqially, "just what the doctor ordered."

    Ciao Bella!

  4. Aah- to be momentarily transported from this dark, dreary and soggy Tuesday in Chicago to a beautiful land far, far away :)

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