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So it never comes across on my site: my addiction to food. Okay, never might be pushing it. My friends know. They raise eyebrows when they see my chockablock kitchen jammed with equipment, and near trip over the stack of cookbooks I keep by my bedside table. They know because I adore cooking for them. I’m here to tell you I’m an addict.

I was a paid food critic for 4 years. 3 years for the Columbia Guide to New York, and 1 year working at Zagat. I’ve consumed truckloads of tasting menus, and resisted food poisoning all but once (thank you Turkish Kitchen). I’ve reviewed everything from brunch spots to fish by the pound places to when someone else is paying to department store cafes (thank God I never had to review “hot sauce, white sauce?” carts). And still I have a very hard time formulating a list of my favs. But, here’s a try:

French Formal: Le Cote Basque (but it has closed… I need to find a new one!), Le Cirque 2000 for dessert only
French Bistro: Balthazar, Le Singe Vert, Artisanal, Pastis (this category is too hard).
American: Etats-Unis, Zoe, Redeye Grill, Gramercy Tavern (true love)
Wine with the girls: Le Bateau Ivre, 212
Wine with a boy: Veritas, Morell Wine Bar, Thom Bar
Tapas: Bar Jamon
Indian: Tabla, Nirvana (though I don’t really like to go out for Indian food)
Seafood: The Sea Grill (because I’ve never been to Le Bernardin)
Creative Food: 71 Clinton Fresh Food, Salt
Chinese: If I had to pick something (I’m not a big Chinese food fan) 66
Asian-accented: March, Asia de Cuba
Vietmanese: Bao 111
Korean: Woo Lae Oak
Italian: L’Impero, Bella Blu
Burger:J.G. Melon
Sushi: Sushi of Gari, no, not Nobu
Mexican: Rosa Mexicano
Comfort Food: Blue Ribbon
Lunch spot: Fred’s at Barney’s
Brunch: Normas, Five points
Can’t ever go wrong: Gotham Bar & Grill, 71 Clinton Fresh Food (God that place is good)

My neighborhood go-tos: Cesca, Ouest, Aix, Compass, Haru, Savann, Ocean

Places I still long to try: Per Se, Charlie Trotter Seafood (I think I own ALL of his books), Sumile, Megu, Olica, Montparnasse, Esca, Hue, Hearth, 5 Ninth, Milieu, Prune, Peasant, Sage, Le Bernardin (I’ve made at least 5 things from the cookbook)

What am I missing?



  1. 51 Carmine was pretty fantastic last time we were there. Also, Meskerem — Etiopian near 9th Ave in the upper 40's… can't remember the exact address, but you can google it.

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