my name in lights


My night backwards:

I fall asleep to Bridget Jones Diary. Again. And giggle.
I crave more mini chocolate souffle cakes with white chocolate sauce.
I get naked and make out with Linus.
Goodnight to Richard, my fabulous doorman.
Goodnight to Vincent, my fabulous former high school teacher (aka man chaser).
I polish off another adult beverage at Compass with man chaser.
I get chased down my street by a man.
I fall in love with my neighbor.
I meet a new neighbor on the Upper West Side.
Goodnight to the girls.
I’m slighted a gift bag at Lotus.
I mingle. Oh no.
We exchange “stain” subway stories.
I photograph a “stain” on Erin’s skirt.
I mingle. Oh yes.
I eat too much.
I steal the Lotus Cocktail Menu for my July 4th Hampton’s Blowout.
I drink too many girly martinis with my girly friends.
I say, “Yes, I’m the photographer” like it’s not a big deal.
I see my photographs and name in lights at Lotus and giggle.

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