if I fall

It hurts to laugh. Instead I’ll cry. What hurt most is the goodbye. If I fell, would you catch me, or would I crush you? Then all that time, asking why, what a waste I wonder why, even still, here I am, on my own, with stupid wonder of sad goodbyes. Could I be wrong, was it all true… and if I fell, would you still catch me?

Is there a point to even ask? If we were true you just would… I would lean, or I would fall, and you’d be there, through it all, even the midnight calls… and you’d say, it’s the least I could do… cause I’m still fallin’



  1. I think you must be one of the coolest people in the City!
    Not to mention beautiful also.

  2. im sure everyone has felt that way once, but not everyone can put it into words so elloquently as you just have. awesome.

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