enchantment passing through

I am head over Manolo pumps in love.
Maybe it’s the storm. Okay, fine, it’s infatuation. I’m “in want” with Adam Pascal. Maybe it’s the tumultuous weather, but I’ve listened to Aida’s “Elaborate Lives” at least 15 times today. At least. And “Enchantment Passing Through” is my life in a song. God, I love the repeat function on iTunes. If only life had a repeat button.

And why should I tell you this, a stranger I just met
A woman who in hours from now I’ll certainly forget
Anonymous and undemanding
Enchantment passing through
My secret lack of confidence is safe enough with you

A journey we can only dream of…
Enchantment passing through
And how is it I say these things
So easily to you?

I need to go to more musicals. It needs to rain more. I need to go on vacation, somewhere majestic, with views and local food. I need someone to travel with me. I need too much today.



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