from bliss to baggots

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From Bliss to The Baggot Inn. It sounds like a seexual position, but really it was my Thursday night. Began the evening at Bliss so I could hang with Brian, Mike, Matt and my long lost Gary. Gary and I no longer work together, but we’ll always work together. I love that guy.

Then, I headed down to The Baggot in a big way. Everything about The Baggot Inn was a downer. Even to think about it now, I get a pit in my stomach. I went to hear Tony strum his pain with his finger. I wasn’t anticipating getting the finger. But I think we made up. Geez, why do men get offended when women say all men are assholes. I mean, duh.

(Please, no comments about how you’re not all assholes. I’m not in the mood.)

God, I love the acoustic guitar. Once I pay my taxes, and finish all my photographs, and publish the novel, and get around to the blank canvases lining my apartment, I’m going to take up acoustic guitar. Because girls can rock out too; I just don’t like the idea of calluses.

I don’t know if I ever felt as alone as I did last night. I didn’t get what I wanted. At least I got to sleep with Linus, even if he did have gas.


  1. I highly recommend The New School for beginner acoustic guitar lessons. I'm in my fourth semester there and it's great. I only wish I'd started sooner.

  2. I'm an asshole. You can probably get gloves for the guitar or some fingerguards.

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