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content.jpg It was chilling enough approaching The Women’s National Republican Club, never mind the idea that a building with this name even exists. Then go ahead and add some snow, pile on the slush. Architect Rem Koolhaas believes in the idea of societal improvement. The quick pulse of global change energizes him, leaving him confident and optimistic. Why, for the love of god, was the launch for his new "book" Content (hosted by Jeff Koons) housed at the Republican Club, a club chockablock with Christie Todd Whitman look-a-likes? Hemlines never rise above the calf; ankles are crossed, just like the women. Can you smell the Pledge, and yes, that is a portrait of Nancy Regan.

I didn’t "get it." Any of it. When Koolhaas addressed the audience of cheese-cube-popping-personnel, I made certain to grab a good look at the steely man. His nose was a wedge of sharp cheese, and everything about him was gray, even his eyes. I studied him to ensure I wouldn’t end up spitting out a shoelace if I put my foot in my mouth later in the evening by speaking my mind, "Yeah, this is all a bit too affected, wouldn’t you say? I mean, really, what’s up with this pseudo political architecture zine? Just do me a favor will you? You’re tall. Let me know when you see the Spanikopita lady? Enough with the Satay sticks already, right?" Thankfully, the only words passed between us were please and thank you, the before and the after extended as he signed the Prada advertisement, Page 1 of his book.

However, the opportunity yielded offline chats with Jen, Dahlia, Rion, Michael, Tony, Rob, Phobe, and of course Matt Caldecutt, who was my ticket to ride. The most interesting groove of my evening was meeting bloggers in person. "Oh my, I know you. You just commented on my site today!" Indeed I had, and today all I want to do is download Tony’s tunes.

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  1. I was being kind about the night. You, my dear, were being honest.

    If it weren't for the decent-to-really-quite-engaging idle chat (and the booze, natch), the night would have been a total washout.

  2. I gave up on trying to make sense of our social landscape long ago. I did see that republican club once though. It’s a pretty easy block to avoid. I get my pedicures in a completely different part of town.

    – Charles

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