gobbler’s knob

It’s a crock. We all agree. It’s like the Easter bunny but without the dye, Cadbury eggs, or plastic grass-filled baskets. Some underground creature with the ability to prognosticate, yup, right up there with Claus.


However, it is a holiday, and as such, a celebration, or at least an acknowledgement must follow. Bring in the films. I tip my hat to this holiday by loading my DVD player with a double feature film viewing of Groundhog Day followed by Caddyshack. I challenge you to come up with a better afternoon duo.

I can just see Punxsutawney Phil, peeking out, shaking like a Chihuahua to shed his slumber, then a sunlight flinch. Interpreted: Phil has seen his shadow: six more weeks of winter. Newsflash: He has seen his shadow 94 times since the tradition began. It’s rooted in a German superstition that if a hibernating animal cast a shadow Feb. 2, winter will last another six weeks. I think the Germans should stick to bratwurst.



  1. Jeez, I didn't know 02/02 is based on a german superstition…i'ts a dumb one, oh no wait, more a boring one. Last october I visited the Oktoberfest here in Munich (where else)and IT WAS SCARY. Now I can completely understand why Germany is known to the USA as the country with Dirndls, Sauerkraut, Bratwurst (= Bavarian attributes; BTW: Bavaria is one out of 16 sates we have here). People went crazy (throwing beersteins while talking with the broadest bavarian accent) and I had to focus on my date so I wouldnt lose him.

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