two thin lines

Best 20 bucks I ever spent. Stopped by Duane Reade last night after dinner with Lea and Gabe at High Life. Nonchalantly made my way to the back wall near the prescriptions, hurried to pick up the ept eartly test, that unmistakable box…but before picking it up, I looked around to make sure no one I knew, or thought Gabe might know, was in sight. Shoved it deep into my purse, then walked around the store. When I saw Gabe I told him they didn’t have the nail polish I was looking for… As soon as I got home, while Gabe was in the shower (he left Duane Reade before Lea and I) I grabbed an espresso glass, put it on the kitchen table for a minute while I wrestled with the ept test packaging. Open. Into the bathroom, with Gabe in the shower, I peed into the cup. Two lines. The first test I ever took, the month before, I was so disappointed by the single pink line. I was surprised really. Then last night, when I saw two lines, one faint, but two just the same, I couldn’t stop looking at it. I knew. And I quickly made my way out of the bathroom, wanting so desperately to blurt it out to Lea, who was reading a magazine, reclined on the green sofa with Linus in the crook of her legs. But how could I tell her even before Gabe? So I didn’t. I didn’t tell either of them because I want to tell each of them in a creative exciting way.

I called the doctor’s office today from the cab on my cell phone, and said it for the first time in my life. “Hi, this is Stephanie. I took two pregnancy tests and they both came back positive.”
“That’s wonderful. Oh, congratulations.”
“Now what do I do?”

I still can’t believe I haven’t told anyone… I haven’t even told Gabe!!! I am so excited. It hasn’t really sunk in yet…I mean it has to the point where I am worried about how much coffee I have, etc. But I guess I’m scared to tell anyone because what if something bad happens? What if I miscarry or something… God forbid. I have decided not to tell anyone, other than Gabe of course, until I’m at my 3 month mark… that’s only 2 more months… which means I can tell people December 15th…for Hannukah and Christmas! What a riot…I can’t wait!

I am still exploring how I will tell everyone. I like the idea of getting something baby related, like booties or something, a pacifier mabye? And putting it in a regular box, wrapping it up in regular paper, and going out to dinner with Gabe, arranging beforehand, that the waiter/waitress will bring the gift out after dinner and hand it to Gabe. I’ll have to give it some thought.

With Mom, I might send her a necklace box wrapped up nicely, with the pregnancy test inside, with a clever note…

While this gift isn’t all that unexpected, I’m afraid it’s not returnable

… I don’t know though, I will have to brainstorm some ideas. AHHHHHH!!!! I’m so excited.

baby announcement