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what’s the best advice you were ever given?

September 9, 2015


straight up advice

“What’s the best advice you were ever given?” was the short-film assignment for the 2015 class of Team Oscar. I was totally stumped when I asked the question of myself. I couldn’t think of anything. Sure, I’m fine with doling out the advice, but to pick the best? While I have lists of what I’ve […]

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advice post: Is this really my life?

March 17, 2014


straight up advice

At the ripe ol’ age of 29, I have lived a life most have only read about in fiction novels. Married at 20, divorced at 24. My ex-husband was physically, verbally and mentally abusive. He had numerous affairs, was an alcoholic and, as I found out later, a drug addict. Five years ago I left […]

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when *isn’t* it about you?

February 12, 2014


Body of Work by Pam Slim

“And how did this suddenly become about you?” Though when Phil says it, by now, he no longer bothers with the “suddenly” bit, relying on the pruned version: “How is this about you?” I know it’s said as a dig, but I rarely take offense. Well, wait. I do take offense because I then go […]

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7-year-itch, linked to trailer living

June 15, 2013


straight up advice

QUESTION FROM A GREEK TRAGEDY READER: Help me please.  My husband came home one day and said he is retiring at the end of the year and that we are moving into a camper…No way I am going to live in a camper behind his elderly mother’s house. There’s a 65 yr old blind daughter […]

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advice: when you know better but just can’t help yourself

July 19, 2012


QUESTION FROM A GREEK TRAGEDY READER: I am a guy who regularly reads your blog, and I always think ‘Why can’t I find someone as cool as her?’ I love the way you see and think, and for the many ways you make the day brighter. I am in a pretty f’d relationship- if you […]

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an open sex life, a closed door

January 25, 2011


QUESTION FROM A GREEK TRAGEDY READER: I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. That’s odd for me to even type because as long as I’ve remembered, it’s been difficult for me to share that with people. I was married just as I was turning 20, to someone who I really thought I was in love […]

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i’m the other woman

January 18, 2011


QUESTION FROM A GREEK TRAGEDY READER: I am desperate for your advice, but have been hesitant to solicit it for fear of your fans, or worse, your despising me. You see, I am having an affair with a friend’s boyfriend. He and I had an instant connection from the moment we met about three years […]

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the grinch who refused to craft (or hear about it)

December 6, 2010


QUESTION FROM A GREEK TRAGEDY READER: I married a Jew who hates, HATES Christmas and has been grumbling about it so much that it’s hard for me to even get excited this year – and I so want to because I’m pregnant and need to ornament my nest. He says I’ll just never understand why […]

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