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You could call her “a real-life Carrie Bradshaw,” but it wouldn’t do Klein justice. With a fearless voice, the blogger weaves a memoir filled with heartbreak and humor. …Klein’s book will send some readers straight to her racy blog in hopes of delving deeper into the mind of such a compelling writer. [3 1/2 out of 4 stars] — People Magazine
“Klein is a talented writer who tells the story of her love life with boldness and irreverence. [She]has a wonderful sense of humor. Scenes in which she describes her post-divorce dates and boyfriends are hilarious. Klein’s account of her divorce…is told through funny and sad anecdotes, raw and realistic arguments, and all-out fights. She lets readers view, with her clear-eyed hindsight, what a liar, cheat and coward her husband turned out to be. It’s not pretty, but it is fascinating” — USA TODAY
“While most of the millions of daily-life blogs have only a handful of regular readers, generally the author’s friends, Ms. Klein’s legions of followers seem as absorbed in her escapades as if she were a television character. — The New York Times“Klein’s every move over the past two years has been validated and evaluated by an audience that has latched on to her life with an aspirational zeal.” — Elle Magazine

“Straight Up and Dirty isn’t the prissy Bergdorf Blonde version, but New York just like we pictured it, all-swearing, all-drinking and all-f***ing. Klein, a motormouthed mistress of Manhattan’s rich language pool, is eyewateringly frank about sex, funny about dating and honest about messing up. Plus, you’ll pick up lots of great new slang.” — The First Post- UK

“Klein’s sense of humor is downright wicked…In the end, Klein’s is a great, fun read.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“50 Must Summer Reads” — Entertainment Weekly

“beneath the wisecracking tales of solo supermarket shopping, phone therapy and Hamptons houseshares, the raw emotion about her divorce and nightmare mother-in-law rings true. Plus, any girl who can pen such gems as, ‘I wanted to verb his noun’, deserves respect.” –Marie Claire UK

“Stephanie Klein is so gut-wrenchingly honest that it’s embarrassingly entertaining to read her oh-so-real stories, even if you haven’t experienced what she’s gone through” — Jane Magazine

“Popular blogger Stephanie Klein’s raw account of divorce at age 29 is refreshingly honest and funny without delving into cheesy chic-lit territory. You’ll easily relate to Klein– even if you don’t have a ‘wasband'” — Marie Claire, 10 Best To Do

“Klein intersperses surprisingly touching observations with crackling, punny lexicon Grade: A-” — Entertainment Weekly

London Daily Record picked Straight Up and Dirty as its choice for the beach- “you’ll hoot with laughter, cringe and discover the addictive world of Klein.”

“Outrageous, outspoken and always honest…makes Sex And The City look passe.” — The Independent

“A kooky, heartfelt and ultimately triumphant chronicle of young divorce and the importance of family, friends and a good shrink.” — Susan Shapiro, author of Lighting Up

“The memoir, which mixes painful revelations with amusing anecdotes, teems with details, like the sixth-grade Spanish class in which the teacher told students to identify themselves as fat or thin.” –The New York Times

“Candid . . . inspiring . . . With vivid characterizations, spot-on locale descriptions and sly jokes at her own expense, Klein offers an original and touching take on the all-too-common problem of childhood obesity.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Long acclaimed for the sharp and witty insights on her personal blog,, writer Stephanie Klein has now released her second book, Moose, a hilarious and heart-wrenching memoir recounting her adolescent experiences at fat camp.” –Women’s Day

“It [Moose] combines the classic misery-at-summer-camp story with the lengths we’ll go to get thin.” –USA Today