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In BOOB TUBE, ILLNESS by Stephanie Klein

It was the first night I slept alone in our new house. We moved recently. The kids are in the same school district but will attend a new elementary school. On Monday night, Phil’s parents …

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wiggle your toes

In ILLNESS by Stephanie Klein27 Comments

Phil couldn’t wiggle his toes. The entire right side of his body was immobilized. He had no peripheral vision in his right eye. When the doctors lifted his arm in the air, he was unable …

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If you need anything

In ILLNESS by Stephanie Klein33 Comments

Phil is having a severe stroke. He cannot move the right side of his body at all. Not his eyelids. “If you need anything, please let me know.” I wish I was a better delegator. …

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moving on, school edition

In RELOCATING by Stephanie Klein3 Comments

No, I’m not moving on from this blog, though I’ve definitely been on vacation. After the first week of July, I’ve committed to daily visits to the library to work on my next book proposal. …