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list lovin’

In MY LISTS by Stephanie Klein8 Comments

I‘m grateful for our two-car garage, even in summer, when we don’t use it and birds shit all over my car. I’m grateful that I have the ability to clear out the garage and make …

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his heart

In ILLNESS by Stephanie Klein6 Comments

On Black Friday, I sent this email to Phil’s closest people. It’s an update from the chair of the recovery room, where I sat beside Phil as he snored. Phil is out, in recovery now. …

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give good gift

In GIFT GUIDES by Stephanie KleinLeave a Comment

For my birthday, I received a subscription to Allure Magazine’s Beauty Box: SAMPLE SOCIETY from friends who are already enjoying it. Nay, they love it. Said I had to have it. Each month a box …

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tartan thanksgiving tabletop

In ENTERTAINING by Stephanie Klein6 Comments

I have news. Phil’s pathology results have come in. Phil, typical male, got no details for me. Instead, I received his text, “Pathology back. All is fine.” That’s it. No detail about what it was, …

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cozy movies

In MOVIES by Stephanie Klein4 Comments

Whether you’re living in sunny Florida or frigid Minnesota, there’s just something magical about “cozy” this time of year. I found it to be especially true when I lived in Boca Raton, wanting, missing, needing …

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waiting game

In ILLNESS by Stephanie Klein13 Comments

I just wrote a very long, beautiful post, and poof. It wasn’t meant to be. So here’s what I’ve got left, which was not included in the original post. I just ordered myself a winter …

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thanksgiving planning

In ENTERTAINING by Stephanie Klein4 Comments

This 2014 Thanksgiving season, I’ll be hosting a meal for twelve adults and six children (almost all of whom eat more than the adults)–that’s eighteen tushies in seats. Last year, we were eleven adults and …