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live out loud

July 10, 2014


Katy Perry

I have to go wig shopping. This time I’m not dressing up as the other woman to keep things hot in the cold category of matrimony. Nay. I need a double rainbow bob or a ponytail of braids, paired with a plastic skirt that resembles an opened umbrella. I somewhat believe in dressing appropriately for […]

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politics is perception

March 5, 2007


There was a case of someone I knew in the periphery of my life, who took offense when I didn’t want to befriend him. He was unbalanced, sad really, and took to calling me vicious names and wrongly documenting my life, diverging his take on things, painting the picture he wanted people to see, more […]

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February 28, 2007


Four is harder to write than one, two, and three because I realize, now that I’m up to number four, that there are more than four ex-friends. There are two more than four, which, last I checked, makes six. I’m sure if I think harder, there are more. This post was intended to be about […]

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January 17, 2007


“Greatness is measured by your gifts, not your possessions.” It’s written on the tab of my Mother’s Milk tea bag. I’m “snowed in” here in Austin today. Iced in, really. Austin shuts down when the city dips beneath 32 degrees. The city isn’t outfitted with salt trucks. They track a bit of sand here and […]

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good grief

November 5, 2006


I gotta say it’s damn nice being nowhere near the NYC Marathon. I received a text from Alexandra today: “Today is the marathon. Thinking of you and how far you have come. XO.” I knew it was the marathon before I heard the “dink dink” from my phone. It’s a milestone day, I guess, where […]

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anywhere but here

August 24, 2006


I nearly just posted a letter to a friend, one of those, “I’d never send this” letters where I tell her exactly what I think. Then I erased it because it’s inappropriate to post, but even more, I realized, why can’t I say these things to her? I suppose sometimes a friend needs to ask […]

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cats & the cradle

August 6, 2006


My last day in New York, I headed out to Forest Hills, Queens to visit my grandfather. I’d tried to see him before I moved to Austin mid-April, but he wasn’t up for visitors. It used to be that he’d get excited, over the phone, from the idea of plans. We’d go to Parkside restaurant, […]

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October 18, 2005


It’s amazing how quickly everything can be cleaned and there still be a mess. When she learned her father died, she stood up and began to straighten the room, stacking the coffee table magazines into neat uniform piles. Folding dirty laundry. Containing. When he learned she was cheating, he didn’t shout or ask questions. He […]

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