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along for the ride

January 3, 2012



Today we drove twenty minutes to Manalapan. I remembered the ride from when I was younger, down from New York visiting my grandparents in Delray. After a sun-soaked afternoon at the beach, we’d take what felt like a private road—the Barefoot Mailman route, which is actually A1A—up to the Plaza Del Mar’s Ice Cream & […]

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family traditions of summer

June 14, 2010


creating family traditions in the heat of summer

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mind dumping

June 1, 2010


In general, "dumping" is a word I try to avoid. Those of you who take issue with "moist" know what I mean. There’s just something completely unpalatable about the word. I won’t even refer to Lucas’s truck by its proper name, preferring to call it a Tonka. Even if it is made by Fisher Price. […]

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when do tits become tits?

April 30, 2010


Or breasts for that matter? At what point in a man’s life does he grow beyond referring to a woman’s breasts as "a chest?" As in… "So, he was dating this fat chick… What? She was. And there’s a point to my saying that. I think she had a big chest, which might have made […]

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an education in “artsy”

March 10, 2010

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I went to the artsy movie theatre dressed in black, my hair bump-it high, wearing soft leather flats. I don’t do berets, but if I were the type to smoke, I’d have a pack of something spiced with ground cloves, something beatnik, or at the very least imported. For dinner, I’d have ordered steak frites. […]

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grandparents who’d rather

January 19, 2010


Ican’t delete him from my cell phone. I haven’t tried to dial the number because it would be sad to hear a disconnected recording. I already know the number won’t work, or maybe someone else will answer, a young mother, frenzied and breathless. I’d want to hear him, and I wouldn’t have anything to say. […]

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being single tastes like saffron cream sauce with leeks

November 20, 2009


When my father first became single after his split with my mom, he had his best friend from childhood, "The Doc," over our house. My father remains close with many of his friends from childhood, each of them with their particular nicknames. When I was still living in my childhood home, I’d asked my father […]

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teacher man: remembering Frank McCourt

July 19, 2009


When I heard of the passing of Frank McCourt I asked Stephanie if she would write a blog post about him.  She responded that I should write something as she hadn’t read his books or personally known him. It wouldn’t be genuine she admitted.  I did know Frank McCourt and mourn the loss.  To me, […]

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