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watercolor marriage support

February 17, 2015



When I showed Phil my latest watercolor painting, finally complete, his response came first from his raised eyebrows, and then from his sour mouth. “Well, I wouldn’t spend your days doing it is all I’m saying.” The subtext for those playing along at home reads: don’t quit your day job, not that you have one. […]

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when *isn’t* it about you?

February 12, 2014


Body of Work by Pam Slim

“And how did this suddenly become about you?” Though when Phil says it, by now, he no longer bothers with the “suddenly” bit, relying on the pruned version: “How is this about you?” I know it’s said as a dig, but I rarely take offense. Well, wait. I do take offense because I then go […]

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red ribbon week for the weak

October 24, 2013


Red Ribbon Week

It’s Red Ribbon Week at school…”To encourage Smart Choices, Good Decisions, and Healthy Lifestyles.” I try. I mean I try. Making an effort to extend the classroom world into our world at home, I’m always keyed into the curriculum, trying to build the bridge between school and home through themed projects and dinner menus. Johnny […]

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anti-itch anniversary

September 16, 2013


What not to give for an anniversary present.

He is impossible, which, if I could simply accept this fact–accept him, as is–would make my life easier. We’re no longer new, despite the fact that every time we learn something new about each other, we’re quick to state the opposite. “Wait, so you like chocolate only if it comes with something else, like a […]

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you’ve got a problem

April 1, 2013


“You’ve got a problem,” Phil said with the only tone one can use whilst making an accusation. Whether it was whispered or barked, there it was, judgment day in our kitchen, and once again, I was up for review. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures, not a single photo, via iPhone or actual […]

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role mother takes down roll model

January 18, 2013


Wolfgang Puck

I made this salad nine years ago. I remember because I was snowed in, with a boy sleeping over. Dulce was sleeping at another boy’s apartment in my same building. It felt like a tidy sitcom life, where your best friend lives two floors up and people rotate through your door and life, some making […]

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lowering your (mother’s day) expectations

May 14, 2012



All I really wanted for Mommy Day was a necklace made of plastic beads and macaroni, something I could wear with an evening gown to feel a little Overboard, a la Goldie Hawn. This want felt like it had grown up from Mother’s Days past, where all I really wanted was a gold charm bracelet, […]

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things I love about the suitor

April 4, 2012


The Suitor

Phil doesn’t know how to “not judge.” He has an opinion on everything, and he’s going to share that opinion, whether or not you want to hear it. And he’ll be right, every time—because he says so. He now at least knows that he needs to allow that someone else’s opinion and perspective can be […]

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