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return an email already, woman!

September 17, 2015



I kinda just want to email someone and ask. That’s how much I don’t believe it. Yes, denial is a stage of grief, and I suppose that’s where I’m planted now. I don’t even know who to email. I was mildly annoyed that my friend Jess hadn’t emailed me back. The last time I saw […]

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soul sisters

February 10, 2015

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Q*bert Video Game

Maybe it was a thing of the 80s, or maybe it’s just a teen thing, or a camp thing, a boy girl, summer love thing, but for me, early love—not to be trivialized—can actually be heard on a mixtape. Like scent and its ability to transport us across time and fields, to a moment when […]

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golden girl friendships

March 26, 2014


The love of our lives are, ultimately, our friendships. --Stephanie Klein

A few weeks ago, I attended the EAC Network‘s 14th Annual LIGHT OF HOPE Luncheon at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, NY—an event responsible for raising close to $115k, benefiting the not-for-profit agency’s 70 programs throughout Long Island and the greater NY metro area. Between toothsome bites of fire-roasted chicken, I exchanged hellos with […]

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endship edition: friendship fails

January 23, 2014


Boca Friendships

One day she corrected me. It was actually she, Darlene, who was the inclusive one, the one who chose to introduce me to her friends, the otherfcukers, and not Demi, as I’d written. I mention this now, at the beginning, so you understand her character. She’s inclusive and generous, always inviting me, my whole family, […]

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adult sibilings

April 2, 2013


Sibling Rivalry?

My younger sister Lea flew up from Florida to stay with us for a few days. Before that, my dear friend Shannan and her family flew from Austin, Texas for a quick visit. We’ve been busy, busting through Manhattan, breezing through stores, spending $42 for 1 HOUR parking near Barney’s New York (kills me). Devouring […]

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friendship surprise

March 14, 2013

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Surprised by a package of friendship

Amazon food? I did not order anything from Amazon. Yet, there was the UPS guy, white legs in brown shorts, trailing off toward his truck. Did I accidentally order the Green Coffee Bean Extract I was eying? I knifed open the package, then spilled into tears once I read the gift message: I want you […]

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eau de friendship

March 12, 2013


Index of perfumes I own, had, or want

Behind a curtain that provided a false sense of privacy, I was plugged up to a hospital-grade breast pump. In the lactation room of Saint David’s Hospital in Austin, TX, I tried not to look. The consultants told me not to eye the bottles attached to my breasts, that I’d only decrease my milk supply […]

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plumbing friendship

November 27, 2012


plumbing friendship

My toilet is crying much of the time, running water with the cry of a preemie, so soft, but loud enough for my son to walk away from the television, across two rooms, to shut its door. The plumber is back, today his third visit. His beard a wire brush, salt hair, his boots on […]

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