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3 things your ass needs to know (aside from your elbow)

August 8, 2013


Getting cheeky: what your ass needs to know

It seems like such obvious advice that it needn’t be given. Yet, lately I’ve been talking on repeat to many a woman (more than three). These are the three things I’ve been saying: YOU DON’T WANT TO BE ON THE WRONG BUS, JUST AS THE RIGHT ONE PULLS UP My Lord, I’ve said it over […]

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do you love in details or broad strokes?

April 29, 2013


do you love in details or broad strokes?

My mother bought the home in which I was raised because she liked the wallpaper in the bathroom. They’re too small to be deal-breakers, and they’d never make any cockamamie list you could ever dream up in a diary, but it’s the details that get us. Whether he’s your perfect match in the broad strokes […]

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of what wishes and dreams are made

February 25, 2013


Unless you’re being paid to do so, it’s never interesting hearing about someone else’s dream; unless, there’s a decent likelihood that you may have made an appearance. “Your dream?” Fine, fine, so long as it’s about me. Self-centered, yes. I’ve avoided sleeping lately because my FUNNEL CAKE past keeps creeping into the sleeping cracks, awakening […]

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the placebo effect of dating

April 11, 2012


I just dug up this post from my archives (I still can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over eight years now) because for the past few days I keep circling back to this message; I’ve been hearing it everywhere. Perhaps it’s topical, presenting itself to me as a reminder to apply these learnings to my […]

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is first love stronger than now love?

February 14, 2012


is first love stronger than now love?

Longing. I swear I long for longing itself. Much the way I’ve been so adept at falling in love with the ideas of things, I hunger for the ache and the want, for the beginnings based on everything we bring to them. I’m infatuation-centric, which explains my highs, even the height of my lows. It […]

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connecting the dot dot do(n)t’s

July 19, 2011


thebachelorette 0531 bentley article story main

Florida, Abigail, life update tomorrow. It’s in the universe. And it’s on The Bachelorette. Perhaps you couldn’t give two rosy shits about The Bachelorette, or about my unapologetic need to eat any and all dating candy, but on a more universal level what “happened to Ashley” “happens” to all of us. The air-quotes you just […]

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magical memory moments

June 26, 2011


magical moments

i once made a Georgia peach pie with a cinnamon lattice crust and served it alongside home-spun brown sugar ice cream. But I cant recall with whom I’d enjoyed such a summer pleasure. And that’s when my obsessions made perfect sense. My memories were, sometimes are, about the food, not the people. Other times, magical […]

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who are you in the When Harry Met Sally scenario?

January 17, 2011


QUESTION FROM A GREEK TRAGEDY READER: I really don’t know why I’m writing, as I somehow feel all the answers I need are in each of the replies you’ve given to your readers already. But, I do need advice, as I am also trying to get over a guy. I really thought he was the […]

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