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bumping into you-know-ew

May 4, 2015


Reverse Bob

A few close friends of mine ran into the Wasband. My friends weren’t together on these occasions, as they’ve happened sporadically over the years. A night club, a sporting event, the back waxer. Each time, the friend has texted me, sometimes along with a photo taken on the sly. “Has not aged well.” Then a […]

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when hormones moan out, “ADHD and what else?”

March 9, 2015


When I worked in advertising and attended a creative briefing, I’d usually have what she’s having. That is, if, say, we were briefed on a new drug launch, we’d hear about all the symptoms and how the new drug helped the target audience, then we’d scamper off to brainstorm and search for relevant art (insert […]

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watercolor marriage support

February 17, 2015



When I showed Phil my latest watercolor painting, finally complete, his response came first from his raised eyebrows, and then from his sour mouth. “Well, I wouldn’t spend your days doing it is all I’m saying.” The subtext for those playing along at home reads: don’t quit your day job, not that you have one. […]

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soul sisters

February 10, 2015

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Q*bert Video Game

Maybe it was a thing of the 80s, or maybe it’s just a teen thing, or a camp thing, a boy girl, summer love thing, but for me, early love—not to be trivialized—can actually be heard on a mixtape. Like scent and its ability to transport us across time and fields, to a moment when […]

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winter vagina

January 26, 2015


“Winter Blues.” That’s what people call it, when you don’t want to leave your house, and it just so happens to be winter. You hibernate and wear the same clothes on Sunday that you did on Friday, and you do so pretty matter-of-factly. The thought of showering means getting wet, which means getting naked, which […]

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his heart

November 30, 2014


On Black Friday, I sent this email to Phil’s closest people. It’s an update from the chair of the recovery room, where I sat beside Phil as he snored. Phil is out, in recovery now. There were no blood clots in the heart, so they were able to successfully cardiovert him (shock him with the […]

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waiting game

November 18, 2014


I just wrote a very long, beautiful post, and poof. It wasn’t meant to be. So here’s what I’ve got left, which was not included in the original post. I just ordered myself a winter coat online and saved over $100 than I would’ve had I bought it at Bloomingdale’s. I need a new (unpadded), […]

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surgery scheduled: health update

November 10, 2014


He found a lump. Back before he had heart surgery, I used to joke about Phil’s manssiere, or “bro,” his man bra that was his external defibrillator. The thing used to go off—asking bystanders to step away from the device—during sex. Then he had surgery, where they implanted an internal defibrillator, which I still fear […]

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