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culotte pants & other frenemies

April 4, 2014


Lace Culotte Pants

“Say Hello to the Culotte.” It was a subject line that bubbled to the top of my inbox this morning. Saks Fifth Avenue wanted me to “Shop Pants,” in particular the Culotte. “Spring’s superstar cut mixes menswear ease with a feminine sensibility.” Why yes, menswear ease (a boxy gray sweatshirt) can be mixed with feminine […]

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laughing curl torture – wet routine (video)

February 6, 2014


Naturally Curly Wet Curl Hair Tutorial

You asked me for this, so I’m giving it up. I laugh when I watch this because it’s so ridiculous. Oh, the ugly moments we live through in the name of beauty, one of which is captured here, in this video tutorial of my attempt at filming my wet hair routine for curly hair. Products […]

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when the store you love does something you hate: MiN New York

January 28, 2014


Customer Service Nightmare at MiN New York

It was Sunday, a day of rest, but not for my family, no. No, they would be awoken early and dragged past a toll and through a tunnel onto the island of Manhattan, so mama could score some juice. Well, exchange some juice—a perfume I’d purchased only days prior, one I’d opened and sprayed and […]

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favorite mascaras 2013

January 16, 2014


favorite mascaras 2013

It’s always one or the other. Concealer or mascara. One is always a top response to the “if you could only use one beauty product” desert island question. Where are the pragmatic people who chime in with sunscreen? They’re off being boring. This isn’t the deepest or most intimate of posts, I realize, but people […]

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black friday on thursday

November 21, 2013


Worth Buying

WHAT I ACTUALLY BOUGHT TODAY METAL SPOON STRAWS At a recent life-changing meal at Atera, we were served cocktails with these metal straw spoons. Forget for a moment that they’re good for the environment (I always do), the mouth-feel experience heightens the enjoyment of any drink. If you’re irritated by the mealy soft straw effect […]

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“worth it” beauty (to go)

October 25, 2013


Travel Makeup, What

Life is delicious. But wouldn’t it be even more so if it was outfitted with a makeup bag, fully-loaded with your favorite makeup? Excessive? Okay, yeah. But, oh how extraordinary. If I could afford it, I’d supply this luxury to each of my closest friends, an always ready dream bag. Though, it may just be […]

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nyc foodie experience: atera

September 27, 2013


Makeup Colors for Fall - Redhead

I‘m already expecting a food coma. Tonight, at 6pm, in celebration of my 43rd birthday, Phil is taking me to Atera for dinner. I’m getting older, so dinner, logically, is getting earlier. There’s no early bird special, mind you, but it was the only reservation available. Besides, if I’m eating over a dozen main dishes, […]

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backstage beauty NYFW S/S 2014

September 23, 2013

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Get the look! Gucci Westman for Revlon, backstage with model at J. MENDEL S/S 2014

Backstage at the Spring/Summer 2014 J. Mendel collection showcased at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman created a bronzy beachy sporty look, with dewy bronzed skin and a glossy brick lip. With a lot of pastels in the Spring/Summer collection, the sporty brick lip offered an unexpected pop of color. “Brick is […]

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