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good lordy, she’s forty

September 24, 2015


Almost. As I’ll tell my dermatologist today when I file the new patient forms, I’m still 39. At least for five days. I find this aging business comforting, especially to know that my memory is getting dodgy. I think we’re meant to lose our minds as we age, if for no other reason than to […]

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the last to know

April 24, 2015


Girl Scout Appreciation

Totally crying today. It’s only a little to do with the house hunt—which has driven me to stress headaches and gagging fits over a toilet. Self-reflective as I am, when I feel any emotion deeply, I often stop to figure out what’s behind it. “When’s the first time you remember feeling this way?” I go […]

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attention seekers

February 27, 2015


Olivia Books

I just had a mini-moment. I won’t call it an epiphany because I don’t know that I’ll remember the moment years from now, with remarkable accuracy—as you’re able to do with true epiphanies—able to tell you what I was wearing (Phil’s cableknit cashmere sweater, waffle weave sweatpants, horn-rimmed glasses), or if I was on my […]

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January 1, 2015


When my parents returned home from New Year’s Eve parties, they always had noisemakers, glittered hats and oversized glasses with an outline of the new year, and a table centerpiece. There was usually a Mylar balloon for each of us. This morning my mother texted me to wish me a happy New Year from Florida. […]

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10 year anniversary of Stephanie Klein’s Greek Tragedy

January 20, 2014


Greek Tragedy Blog

10 years ago today, before marriage or twins, 10 years ago to this exact day, January 20, I made the decision to start a blog, naming it Greek Tragedy on a whim, because really, no one thought of titles or blogs then, and to begin one, you must fill in a form, where you’re asked […]

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three good things

January 13, 2014


Stephanie Klein, Mother

I‘m sitting here with a stack of Blood Sugar and mostly anti-grain cookbooks stacked before me, what with the New Year breathing its frosted resolution breath in the face of my slight double chin, why not? I don’t have high blood sugar, but I think we can all stand to eat as if we’re diabetic. […]

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does doing less make life more?

January 10, 2014


Let kids get bored, collect leaves, make their own fun

Maybe it’s one of those phrases in the zeitgeist, like “It is what it is,” because I’ve been hearing it everywhere: “What, like she’s eating bonbons all day?” It was the response of a Couples Therapist when my husband complained that I didn’t do anything all day. “What, is she in bed eating bonbons all […]

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christmas at halloween, autumn in the summer

July 24, 2013


Here Comes The Sun

By the time Halloween hits, we’re already thinking about Thanksgiving. Christmas, even. In September we welcome fall, buying “Leaves” candles and changing our door wreath. Cider follows, then the salted caramel, and at last, the peppermint hot chocolate takes over. We’re in JULY, and already I find myself skipping my summer wardrobe entirely, shopping for […]

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