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you’re not the boss of me

January 12, 2015


you're not the boss of me

Lucas, you say it often. “You’re not the boss of me.” I don’t think it’s something you’ve practiced saying at school, something you’ve learned to say to other children on the playground, and I don’t think they’re words of defiance. You’re not a brat. Maybe what the deepest part of you is saying is, “I […]

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get used to it

May 12, 2014


French Tulip Wreath

Last week while Phil was out of town on business, the school principal called to tell me that she spoke with “Kind Sir” during recess, and that he seemed very anxious, sitting with the dandelions, blowing the soft petals in the wind with his eyes closed. “I’ve never seen him like that.” He was concerned […]

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the answer to the dreaded play date

December 16, 2013


Citiblocks Shapes

Play dates aren’t something parents are supposed to dread. Watching your child bloom, share her toys, use his imagination, and problem solve should fill a parent with pride, savoring the occasion, there to witness the exact moments our children will grow to remember warmly. Should. That’s right, a parent should enjoy hosting a play date. […]

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car shopping

January 5, 2013


car shopping

Last time I went car shopping, I learned that “BOY HOWDY” was Texan for “OY VEY.” It’s time to go car shopping again, this time in the Northeast, just for me. We currently own three cars, which means we’re paying insurance for a car we don’t drive. Long ago paid in full, the car sitting […]

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kid birthdays: rationalize this

November 29, 2012


Goodie Bags from a Dino Dig Party

I showed L. Beckett the invitation to his sixth birthday party, the electronic last-minute card I put together, and upon seeing the glorious outline of a T-Rex (patterned with Hello Kitty), fat possum tears dribbled into his mouth. “No, Mama. No.” These were the only words he could manage, his nose now leaking past his […]

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mess + mashup

November 19, 2012


Brown Butter and Sage Sugar

My day deserves a messy soundtrack, something categorized as metal scream, where you ask politely enough if someone might lower it, only for that someone to defecate on you. I’m still in my pajamas, for starters. Haven’t taken a vitamin or brushed anything. There’s flour on my sweatshirt. My kitchen looks like it was ransacked […]

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santa’s extraordinary list (a movie)

December 13, 2011


It looked as if we’d spent the day at home practicing. “No, again! Now, once more, what will you tell Santa when he asks you what you’d like for Christmas?” Because no kid, unless he’s a film character named Travis or Tiny Tim, sits in deep contemplation before answering Saint Nicholas’s time-honored question, especially to […]

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cupcakes + dinosaur train

August 18, 2011

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Jim Henson

Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train Movie – One Hour Special Dinosaur Big City premieres August 22 on PBS KIDS (check local listings) My sweet Texan Lucas and Abigail are new to the Florida Market of Friendship and haven’t quite bonded with a set of friends, best or otherwise. Though, at this age (4 yrs.), so much […]

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