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July 15, 2015



 A mama cat was on our back deck this morning, with five kittens orbiting her like an atom. I called Abigail, so she could join me in the kitchen to watch. She wants to be a singing veterinarian when she grows up. We pressed ourselves to the sliding glass doors, as the mama cat turned […]

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car conversations

February 24, 2015


One of the reasons I opted for a car without a DVD player or TV screens on the headrests is because I value our car conversations, the ones we wouldn’t have if my beans were being carted off to karate lessons after school, wearing headphones, engrossed in a movie on demand. Conversations like this one, […]

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light and dark christmas

December 29, 2014


Black and white cookies were the only acceptable cookies to be left for Santa Claus this year, if for no other reason than a not so subliminal hint that Lucas was hoping beyond hope that St. Nicholas might grant his one and only Christmas wish: Equality for one and all. Well, nearly. The Skylander Light […]

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proud gifting sweetness

December 9, 2014


Last night Abigail asked if she could have money for the school holiday boutique. It’s a fair of crap, plastic rings and enormous pencils, gifts for everyone on your list. Every year we give them money and names, but this year, we rolled our eyes and said, “Please, no.” Abigail cried. I got down to […]

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asking for what you want

September 16, 2014


asking for what you want

I‘ve been missing in action this summer, unplugged, offline, away from my computer and iPhone, fully enjoying my life. Actually, that’s not entirely true. The truth is, that I started another blog, a private one, password protected… for moms of Girl Scout Brownie girls. That’s right, it’s a site for Abigail’s Girl Scout troop. See, […]

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“this” only scrambled

September 11, 2014



Let’s start with “this.” Now, unscramble it, and you’ll begin to understand what I’ve stepped in. So, I’m pretty sure my kids ate Sour Cream and Onion flavored potato chips for breakfast today. We’re gonna go ahead and call that two vegetables. Abigail had the wherewithal to tip her head outside and nod to the […]

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classroom assignments

August 28, 2014


Class assignments should go like this: a child is matched to a teacher based on the likelihood that they’ll be a great fit. If there have been bullying incidences, these should be addressed. Any special needs, an IEP, done. A fair mix of ethnicity and ability. Check, check. Done and done. YOUR GRANDMA & MY […]

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all that it’s cracked up to be

August 6, 2014


The summer is a time of relaxation by a pool, for sunkissed hair, freckled shoulders and white shell jewelry. I’m enjoying the simple luxuries of linen v-neck tees (I actually found myself doing an internet search hoping to find a comparison between Calypso &  J.Crew brands: none existed. I now have both and can tell […]

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