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eau de friendship

March 12, 2013


Index of perfumes I own, had, or want

Behind a curtain that provided a false sense of privacy, I was plugged up to a hospital-grade breast pump. In the lactation room of Saint David’s Hospital in Austin, TX, I tried not to look. The consultants told me not to eye the bottles attached to my breasts, that I’d only decrease my milk supply […]

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Stephanie Klein on Rachael Ray Show

November 3, 2009

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For those who may have stumbled onto my site after seeing the Rachael Ray Show, welcome! I’m a mother to toddler twins (who arrived 10 weeks early!), an author, a photographer, a fat camp champ, a former thin person, and a wife (not always in that order, lest I wind up with another husband turned […]

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is “special needs” a retarded term?

July 22, 2008


People think it’s rude, or at the very least, incredibly lazy of you not to make the effort to phrase things in a polite, sensitive, “right” way, even if the phrasing is happening in your own world, among your own friends, or readers, on your own blog. It’s the least you can do if we […]

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preemie babies: they are… and they aren’t.

May 9, 2008


I felt myself holding back tears at dinner. We went out tonight with a couple whose child is in the NICU. I wanted to show them how much we understood without making it about us and what we’d been through. I wanted them to know we wouldn’t say the dumb things people tend to say […]

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pump and dump

January 1, 2007


This time last year I was not a wife. I was not pregnant. I was not a published author. I was living in New York. A year later and I’m living in Texas, married, published, with a son and a daughter. One hell of a year, one even a horoscope would be pressed to predict. […]

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baby babble

December 27, 2006

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Supply is Demanding: Phil does everything. He feeds Linus and makes sure to clean up after him, lets him out. He makes sure I’ve eaten, sets alarms for my feedings, writes the labels of the date and time on the milk, then drives to the hospital to bring it to them. I cry and worry. […]

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milk pail fail

December 26, 2006


I don’t care whether or not I go to the hospital today. I will go, of course, because my brain says I have to, but the rest of me just shrugs and shakes her head ‘no.’ Then cries. Lucas and Abigail don’t even know when I’m there. They spend their time with nurses and think […]

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quite common

December 19, 2006


“She’ll be fine,” the doctor says. “This is very common. It’s 90% a staph infection, from moving around her IV.” The next day we get another phone call, asking for verbal permission to perform a lumbar puncture. “Isn’t that a spinal tap?” I ask Phil. “Nooooo!” he says, freaked by the words. But it is. […]

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