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making the most of your life – funeral edition

April 16, 2013


These things happen in threes. It’s what they say. “They” being people like my father, a man who actually owns a book of funeral home and cemetery locations. Who owns something like that? He also reads the obituaries daily. This past weekend Flora, the mother of my father’s wife, passed away. She had been living […]

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conversations I would have with my younger self

November 1, 2009


Keep a diary. And when you write in it, try not to dot your i’s with hearts or fat little circles. Try to write about something other than the opposite sex or the fights you have with friends. I wish I knew, when I was younger, to write about the good in my friendships and […]

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the secrets of objects

August 12, 2009


(Finding the Extraordinary on an ordinary rainy day) I sometimes think there are hidden secrets in our lives. Not things that we don’t want to tell people, or things about which we’re embarrassed, but the kind of secrets the universe knows but we don’t. There are actual things, objects, gifts that we meant to give, […]

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a death row pardon 2 minutes too late

February 25, 2009


“I’m afraid that if I start dreaming, I’ll lose my way.” I wrote it in my journal just the other day and immediately saw the irony. When we stop following our dreams, isn’t that when we’ve lost our way and not the other way around? “If I start dreaming, I’m afraid I’ll move away from […]

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win or lose love

October 13, 2008


When it comes to weddings, I think of breakup songs, and when it comes to birthdays, I think of death. I’m still the girl who smears her name with her pinky, and wears the cake icing on her nose before making a wish, but somewhere down the line, I’ve begun to value life, so much […]

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imperfect love

September 3, 2008


Whether we call shit “poop” or “cocky,” or if we’re the type who unconsciously squints when we really like something, we want so much to be adored for our sidelines. For the little things most people miss, the smaller streets. For our bitten nails or the fact that we’ve got the “royalty toe” (when the […]

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why we look our best + realize it least

May 13, 2008


Upon viewing some of my past skinny pictures, someone recently commented, “Seeing how amazing you look at 118 pounds, what keeps you from going on an extreme diet to recapture that?” I have an answer. Ignoring the wrongs of “extreme dieting” outright, I will say that the times in my life where I’ve been my […]

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the line outside the velvet ropes of the wiggle room

November 13, 2007


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