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hello kitty dinosaur party

December 10, 2012


Stephanie Klein with son

When I worked in advertising, I was especially bothered by emails suggesting my calendar be blocked off for a “postmortem.” After a campaign or new business pitch, we’d gather in a conference room to discuss the breakdown of communication, the toes stepped upon, everything that went wrong. There was always room for improvement, an opportunity […]

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bless this mess

April 11, 2012


Arnold Palmer Cake

I beg your pardon. My site is going to be experiencing some down time as I straighten up. She’s taking a wee little break to keep things from breaking. Alcoholic Arnold Palmer cocktails will be involved. Speaking of which, has anyone tried the Momofuku Milk Bar Arnold Palmer cake? There’s a recipe for it in […]

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Texas Miss

January 10, 2012


In love.

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travel light, try not to pick a fight

January 5, 2012


south fla fashion

Pin It My Facebook Status: Aside from a limited point of view and attitude problem, what should I bring with me from Boca Raton, FL when I visit Austin, TX this week? I’m heading to Austin, TX on Monday. I’ll put it right out there. I’m homesick for my Texan friends, the queso, and the […]

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in your hour of miss

September 21, 2011


austin friendship 3

I‘m cranky and tired and don’t feel like adventure, which isn’t like me. Today I went into a Forever 21 inside the Town Center mall, and I found myself letting out a little whine because the Forever 21 here in Boca is a quarter the size of each of the two in Austin. Mind you, […]

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roadside generalizations

August 10, 2011


pink escalade

A Pink Escalade Pulls Up To A Nail Salon Demanding a Shellac Manicure You can tell just about all there is to know about a city based on the goods it sells roadside. Forget the country-wide offerings at seasonal fruit and vegetable stands. Never mind sleeves of multicolored roses, Good Humor umbrellas, or metal carts […]

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insider outsider guide to Austin, TX

August 9, 2011


straight up advice

QUESTION FROM A GREEK TRAGEDY READER: I’m currently visiting my boyfriend who lives in Austin. This is my second extended visit, and when I come I typically stay for a couple of weeks. I still feel like I haven’t gotten a taste of what Austin has to offer. We went to First Thursday, and I […]

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making the most of where you are

April 21, 2011

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making the most of where you are

If you knew the actual date when someone close to you was going to die, would you treat them differently as the day drew nearer? Would you make an effort to make more? More memories, more laughter, more lasagna. If you knew, would your hug until he let go first? Is there any way to […]

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