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endship edition: friendship fails

January 23, 2014


Boca Friendships

One day she corrected me. It was actually she, Darlene, who was the inclusive one, the one who chose to introduce me to her friends, the otherfcukers, and not Demi, as I’d written. I mention this now, at the beginning, so you understand her character. She’s inclusive and generous, always inviting me, my whole family, […]

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selfish or selfless love

December 10, 2013


Mr. Bikini

I felt like the father in a TV series who keeps waiting to bond with his newborn. By the end of the episode or act break, there’s a crisis, he’s forced to swoop in, and inevitably they bond. Sure I bonded with our beagle Mr. Bikini; it’s hard not to love a dog, any dog. […]

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school district killing creativity

May 13, 2013


I need to self-regulate in a major way. I’ve become obsessed with finding our next home, less so about the actual homes and more with regard to the school districts. I’ve been comparing reading level test scores, student / teacher ratios, math scores, ethnic composition, state percentiles, total number of students. I’ve compared elementary schools, […]

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hello kitty dinosaur party

December 10, 2012


Stephanie Klein with son

When I worked in advertising, I was especially bothered by emails suggesting my calendar be blocked off for a “postmortem.” After a campaign or new business pitch, we’d gather in a conference room to discuss the breakdown of communication, the toes stepped upon, everything that went wrong. There was always room for improvement, an opportunity […]

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plumbing friendship

November 27, 2012


plumbing friendship

My toilet is crying much of the time, running water with the cry of a preemie, so soft, but loud enough for my son to walk away from the television, across two rooms, to shut its door. The plumber is back, today his third visit. His beard a wire brush, salt hair, his boots on […]

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missed (food + friend) connections

November 4, 2012


Bushels of Love (and apples)

I long for connectedness, wanting to hold on to the people of whom I’ve let go. In a move, in growing up, across the country, across time, I think that’s what we do when we cook. We don’t only connect with people across the table; we connect with people across our lives. Food is magical […]

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time to dish: a photo essay

August 3, 2012


Boca Moms

Oh, how many times have I snapped a moment with the intention of posting it? I’ll flip through the imported photos and realize, oops. Kind of too late now, no? Like a tour of where we lived in Woodfield Country Club, or snapshots of the women of Boca, at a birthday party, dressed as if. […]

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a ticket to Roam, Italy

July 12, 2012


I am now a Texan living in New York. There are times in your life where you worry that you’re moving backward. You’re not going forward, but you’re moving back. It’s how I’ve felt about moving back to Long Island, where I was raised, where I haven’t lived since I was seventeen. I was moving […]

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