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car conversations

February 24, 2015


One of the reasons I opted for a car without a DVD player or TV screens on the headrests is because I value our car conversations, the ones we wouldn’t have if my beans were being carted off to karate lessons after school, wearing headphones, engrossed in a movie on demand. Conversations like this one, […]

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fashion week is coming; I am going

September 3, 2013

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New York Fashion Week, Spring 2014 Collection

Lately I might not know if I’m coming or going, but I know this much: I’m going to Fashion Week, attending a few shows and slipping backstage to check out the makeup and beauty trends. That’s right. I’ll be asking the tough questions. Matte or sheertone blush for fall? Told you, tough. Is it all […]

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to be honest: hair, home, hips

May 6, 2013


725k Kitchen

I‘ve been eating my feelings lately, especially at night. Stress eating, depressed eating, eating to comfort, eating to have something to look forward to, same old thing as it ever was. Bad news when the Golden Oreo was invented, or at least when it was purchased for this house. Speaking of purchasing houses, we’re on […]

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a museum of moments

December 21, 2012

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Little House On The Prairie

I took these photos of the beans this past August, at the Nassau County Museum in Roslyn, NY. It’s all of eight minutes from our house, and it’s magical. I used to go there with boyfriends in high school. Different kind of magic now. I saved the post and managed to skip posting them. I […]

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hello kitty dinosaur party

December 10, 2012


Stephanie Klein with son

When I worked in advertising, I was especially bothered by emails suggesting my calendar be blocked off for a “postmortem.” After a campaign or new business pitch, we’d gather in a conference room to discuss the breakdown of communication, the toes stepped upon, everything that went wrong. There was always room for improvement, an opportunity […]

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Hurricane Ass

November 2, 2012


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missed opportunities

October 30, 2012

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My house is dark and cold, without a phone signal. Candles, scented in flavors of how a pumpkin should smell. There is nothing to do without internet, without music, without movies or TV. We are just there, left with ourselves, cold, in sweats, food just hanging out in our dark fridge, trees hanging out in […]

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what to expect, when you expect a hurricane

October 29, 2012


People expect me to be writing. “Great day to write, no excuses.” You lose power, you’ve still got a legal pad and pencil, a sharpener from your makeup bag. In reality though, it’s a great time to get full. To eat all your emergency supplies before you’ve even lost power. You cook up your whole […]

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