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make a-hole of yourself, week one

May 30, 2014


There’s a checklist attached to the application forms for the Nadel Center Early Childhood Education (NCECE) program at B’Nai Israel in Boca Raton. Under the masthead, “Making the transition easier for your child,” read some of the following suggestions: {Insert big blank because I lost the paper} Among the list, it will surprise you to […]

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endship edition: friendship fails

January 23, 2014


Boca Friendships

One day she corrected me. It was actually she, Darlene, who was the inclusive one, the one who chose to introduce me to her friends, the otherfcukers, and not Demi, as I’d written. I mention this now, at the beginning, so you understand her character. She’s inclusive and generous, always inviting me, my whole family, […]

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time to dish: a photo essay

August 3, 2012


Boca Moms

Oh, how many times have I snapped a moment with the intention of posting it? I’ll flip through the imported photos and realize, oops. Kind of too late now, no? Like a tour of where we lived in Woodfield Country Club, or snapshots of the women of Boca, at a birthday party, dressed as if. […]

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first one out is the rotten

March 28, 2012


first one out is the rotten

I was just at Way Beyond Bagels, cashing out at the register. As the clerk made change and printed a receipt, I noticed the hands of the woman beside me, crossing off what looked like the last items of her list. “Ooh, well look at you,” I said. She looked up from her list and […]

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well, welcome to boca, honey!

February 28, 2012


well, welcome to boca, honey!

Gall. Audacity. Chutzpah. What would you do? I used to believe that being ballsy was a good thing. Called it Moxy. Would say “Good for you,” for having the nerve to confront someone when it’s easier not to. I suppose it is a good thing, except when you’re DELUDED BEYOND REPAIR—when you believe speaking up […]

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her hometown might be chicago, but she’s all florida

January 30, 2012


Elyse Myers from The Bachelor

The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, sent Chicago girl Elyse Myers packing tonight. It happens. I have (almost) nothing to say about it other than these two things: 1) “What did I do wrong” is “the wrong.” Going there, blaming ourselves for “over,” is our single biggest mistake when we’re rejected; 2) Boca, all of Boca Raton, […]

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travel light, try not to pick a fight

January 5, 2012


south fla fashion

Pin It My Facebook Status: Aside from a limited point of view and attitude problem, what should I bring with me from Boca Raton, FL when I visit Austin, TX this week? I’m heading to Austin, TX on Monday. I’ll put it right out there. I’m homesick for my Texan friends, the queso, and the […]

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along for the ride

January 3, 2012



Today we drove twenty minutes to Manalapan. I remembered the ride from when I was younger, down from New York visiting my grandparents in Delray. After a sun-soaked afternoon at the beach, we’d take what felt like a private road—the Barefoot Mailman route, which is actually A1A—up to the Plaza Del Mar’s Ice Cream & […]

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