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backstage beauty products + looks, NY Fashion Week

September 9, 2013


backstage beauty products + looks, NY Fashion Week

Michelle Coursey—an extraordinary celebrity, editorial, and fashion makeup artist, who once upon a magazine article, did my makeup—is a facebook friend of mine. I’m always eager to read her posts for product recommendations, and lately I’ve enjoyed her coverage of the looks she’s been creating backstage at Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2014 Collections Fashion Week. Thought I’d […]

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new car dating

April 24, 2013



My new car arrives today. I’ve been shopping for a car for a while now, and thanks to many of your suggestions, dear readers, I’ve finally come to my decision. It only took me 18 days! 18 days and 3 months. In that time, we’ve sold the Mercedes convertible and the 2004 Lexus RX330 without […]

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car shopping

January 5, 2013


car shopping

Last time I went car shopping, I learned that “BOY HOWDY” was Texan for “OY VEY.” It’s time to go car shopping again, this time in the Northeast, just for me. We currently own three cars, which means we’re paying insurance for a car we don’t drive. Long ago paid in full, the car sitting […]

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gift wrapped life

December 23, 2011


gift wrap 01

I don’t care what they say. You can judge a book by its cover. Or at least a gift by its wrap. I actually couldn’t care less what’s inside a package. I love the foreplay of an unopened gift, sitting beneath a pine tree, its silver-blue needles glittering their way down. I adore the build, […]

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what makes your “worth it” list?

August 1, 2011



This list is an extension of an earlier post, where I promised to post such a list. So, here it is, my TOTALLY WORTH IT LIST (aka a list of things I’m glad I bought before marriage and babies, when in some cases spending this much would be out of the question… or at the […]

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out of the closet, out of his mind

July 27, 2011


closet org

Phil is already complaining. He’s comparing—dare I say it—WAL-MART’S. “The Wal-Mart here is just not what it is in Austin. Not even close.” Well, it’s not like we’re buying in bulk anyway. ‘Cause this here storage situation ain’t what he thought it was. I agreed to move into this home, sight unseen. Phil checked it […]

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passing the Rene Russo clothing test

June 22, 2011


passing the Rene Russo clothing test

Packing is elevated to a whole new level when half your wardrobe is too big, a quarter too small, half outdated, a portion stained or damaged by pits or wine or the moth problem Phil had in Manhattan (so fcuking gross – he had moths living in his vacuum cleaner bag! And my sweaters have […]

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mobile uploads from a fitting room

June 13, 2011


Because really, this is what happens when you grow up and have children. You no longer have the luxury of shopping with friends. It’s rare, and it used to be a given. Weekends were spent weaving in and out of boutiques, mostly browsing, but definitely bonding. Talking in relationship redux while commenting on lipstick shades. […]

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