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nyc foodie experience: atera

September 27, 2013


Makeup Colors for Fall - Redhead

I‘m already expecting a food coma. Tonight, at 6pm, in celebration of my 43rd birthday, Phil is taking me to Atera for dinner. I’m getting older, so dinner, logically, is getting earlier. There’s no early bird special, mind you, but it was the only reservation available. Besides, if I’m eating over a dozen main dishes, […]

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new york high

August 22, 2011


building future

The highlights from my New York moments… Almost as much as she loves playing Octomom and Matisse, Abigail loses track of time when she’s building with blocks. The Hayden Planetarium might’ve hit the list had the shows not been sold out upon arrival. Oops. Their paternal grandparents were taking the sprouts to the Dinosaur exhibit […]

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insider outsider guide to Austin, TX

August 9, 2011


straight up advice

QUESTION FROM A GREEK TRAGEDY READER: I’m currently visiting my boyfriend who lives in Austin. This is my second extended visit, and when I come I typically stay for a couple of weeks. I still feel like I haven’t gotten a taste of what Austin has to offer. We went to First Thursday, and I […]

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magical memory moments

June 26, 2011


magical moments

i once made a Georgia peach pie with a cinnamon lattice crust and served it alongside home-spun brown sugar ice cream. But I cant recall with whom I’d enjoyed such a summer pleasure. And that’s when my obsessions made perfect sense. My memories were, sometimes are, about the food, not the people. Other times, magical […]

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unhappy hour

February 13, 2011


Fino is now Fin. As in, the end. No more. Never again. I arrived at Fino ready to get my drink ON. I plugged in the laptop, whipped out the glasses, and got ready to write. Only, first, come on. Drinks. My bee sting, please. “Sorry, uh, that bartender no longer works here, so we […]

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if you could eat ANYWHERE in new york, where would you go?

February 1, 2011


With Kids, Hit Up Serendipity III : The Foot Long Hot Dog Being asked, “If you could eat ANYWHERE in New York, where would you go?” is like asking me to plan a dream vacation. My mind slips into a state of bliss, a place superior to dreaming, and I begin to hopscotch my way […]

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pig cheeks, a meal

January 11, 2011


Pork Jowels with Polenta at Parkside At first smell: it’s as if apple pie had a one night stand with Wilbur At first bite: Wilbur has been one lazy porker, sunning and snacking on Fern’s corn The pork is soft, as it should be. Not ropey, not spreadable. Appropriate. The accompanying molehill of polenta lacks […]

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what your buffet style says about you

September 20, 2010


Buffets are brimming with regrets, disappointments, and fat.

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