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playroom zones

November 5, 2013


Creating Playroom Zones

I spent my day cleaning their playroom. To be fair, the beans are good about cleaning up after themselves, but if I leave it to them, everything will be everywhere, always. I label bins and review the system with them, make sure they think it makes sense. They both really enjoy structure and love knowing […]

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to be honest: hair, home, hips

May 6, 2013


725k Kitchen

I‘ve been eating my feelings lately, especially at night. Stress eating, depressed eating, eating to comfort, eating to have something to look forward to, same old thing as it ever was. Bad news when the Golden Oreo was invented, or at least when it was purchased for this house. Speaking of purchasing houses, we’re on […]

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quick, help me choose!

June 27, 2011


bedding options1 2

We are officially moving July 6. The trucks arrive THIS WEEKEND. We are not taking the kids’ bedding, so I need Florida replacements. No, wait. That sounds negative. What we need, they need, is to arrive at their new, shared, living quarters with the bedroom made up purdy and organized. I need to get on […]

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stage this room: previous media room edition

June 24, 2011


media room converted

This room used to be a media room (earlier photos on Flickr), complete with wall-to-wall floor to ceiling velvet black-out curtains and electric reclining seats. Basically a man cave with surround sound and room for wii fit-throwing. But with a full bathroom en suite and an enormous walk-in closet, we decided for staging purposes to […]

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stage this kitchen

May 23, 2011


kitchen staging03

Objects May Appear Greener Than They Actually Are (thanks to the iphone) Many thanks are due to Shannan Riemer, a fantastic—so good at both what she does and what she doesn’t do; your basic all-star—realtor in Austin, who’d suggested I organize my cookbooks (and closet) by color. Espresso “Station” Shrimp Roll with Cracked Pepper Potato […]

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stage this house: family room *updated

May 19, 2011


texas home02

Family room. Living room. Call it what you will. It’s nearly there, save for a missing coffee table. Plus, I’d really prefer a new area rug with navy and cream stripes to brighten it up. But who knows if it will work in a new space, so we’d better hold off, no? The question is, […]

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homemaker lust

May 17, 2011


Seafood Plates

Love to love these plates for summer seafood entertaining + the night of 7 fishes Nope. Not a post about the raunchy sex I’m not having. Lust now, and let’s face it always has, come in the form of purchases. All of these loves pass my Jealousy Test. Yes, this is a dog collar. Here’s […]

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May 13, 2011


staged laundry room

I realize I’ve fallen off the planet (aka been in Florida). No, I haven’t been working. I’ve been enjoying, though, which is something. Actually, isn’t it the whole point? Work should feel delicious and make you giddy. Only, I’ve been getting so wrapped up in “the rules” and plot point formulas that writing has stopped […]

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