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give good gift

November 30, 2014


give good gift

For my birthday, I received a subscription to Allure Magazine’s Beauty Box: SAMPLE SOCIETY from friends who are already enjoying it. Nay, they love it. Said I had to have it. Each month a box arrives with some extra large samples of beauty editor favorites from Allure Magazine, along with a booklet explaining the products […]

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summer gifting

June 25, 2014


Teacher Gifts

Be it a hostess gift to hand over when you’re weekending at a friend’s summer home, or a Teacher’s Gift you’re culling together on one of the last half days of school this week, this post will serve you well at some point down the road—if only as a reminder of how you shouldn’t leave […]

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pies and peas

March 6, 2014


pies and peas

There are some who’d say that all a woman really needs is a good lipstick, that it can lift the face and a mood with just a swipe. While I believe this is truer of blush, I still submit to pie as the great salve to all. You can have a ghastly day, but even […]

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the elf on the shelf?

December 2, 2013


I‘ve of course heard of this Elf On The Shelf business, where you buy a specific elf, then each day, a parent is to reposition this wooden freak of nature in a surprising situation: in the bathroom sink with marshmallow “bubbles;” strapped to a wall, held hostage by some militant action figures; or, I suppose, […]

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truly the best gifts for kids

November 25, 2013


Give kids gifts with experiences tied to them! Brilliant + affordable!

Half the joy of any gift is the anticipation of it. Look at the pleasure we get in planning a trip, for example. It’s part of the fun to choose the destinations, research the restaurants, collect recommendations from friends, plan the outfits to pack, etc. It’s why we choose, among all the toys featured in […]

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black friday on thursday

November 21, 2013


Worth Buying

WHAT I ACTUALLY BOUGHT TODAY METAL SPOON STRAWS At a recent life-changing meal at Atera, we were served cocktails with these metal straw spoons. Forget for a moment that they’re good for the environment (I always do), the mouth-feel experience heightens the enjoyment of any drink. If you’re irritated by the mealy soft straw effect […]

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“worth it” beauty (to go)

October 25, 2013


Travel Makeup, What

Life is delicious. But wouldn’t it be even more so if it was outfitted with a makeup bag, fully-loaded with your favorite makeup? Excessive? Okay, yeah. But, oh how extraordinary. If I could afford it, I’d supply this luxury to each of my closest friends, an always ready dream bag. Though, it may just be […]

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anti-itch anniversary

September 16, 2013


What not to give for an anniversary present.

He is impossible, which, if I could simply accept this fact–accept him, as is–would make my life easier. We’re no longer new, despite the fact that every time we learn something new about each other, we’re quick to state the opposite. “Wait, so you like chocolate only if it comes with something else, like a […]

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